Friday, June 18, 2010

Approval NOT needed.

I have learned something ELSE about myself.

wanna know?????

here's the secret..........

I don't take too kindly to your criticism!  HA!
or being told that I'm wrong
or that I believe wrong....
or that I'm doing it wrong....
There I said it. you know....

In the words of Eric Cartman "I do what I want!"
"ain't nobody gonna hold me down.... oh no......."

ok - but seriously......
I am always taken back when someone else voices their opinion... and it's oddly enought - ?different? than mine ;-)
well .......
OK - most. of. the. time.  *wink wink*
I'm like........HUH?  Wait a minute... Let me explain this to you...ONE MORE TIME and then you'll get it through your thick stupid head understand.
and guess what....
they don't always "get it"
who knew?
still different
still don't agree.

But - here's the thing - thank God that I have friends and family and people in my life that will tell me when I'm wrong.  (and occasionally maybe I am......but not often) LOL
I'm not just talking politics and religion here people.
I"m talking about stupid every day life.  Things that you have "always done" or "done a certain way" - and you think your way is the best.

Sometimes - we need someone to show us a different way.  Sometimes we need those people to give us a different point of perspective.
Because every now and then.....we just might learn something  :)

{{And I'm VERY pretty stubborn hard headed people.}}

I am thankful for the people in my life that aren't afraid to tell me when I'm wrong.  I'm thankful for the people who give me a new and sometimes better perspective.  I'm thankful that when I make a change or decision that I can trust people to say "No TG - NOT a good idea"

God isn't your only voice of reason.
he sends you people.....your friends.... little angels.... blessings wrapped up just for you  ;-)

Pay attention to them.

Take off your blinders.

Edit or RE-edit some things in your life.
Make some changes.
Do something new.
Read something you wouldn't normally read.
Go a different direction.

Don't be so stubborn and hard headed that you miss the whole world going on around you... don't let it just pass you by.

Take criticism. (sometimes it's warranted)
Take advice.  (sometimes it's good)
Take a step down and STOP trying to do everything YOUR way ALWAYS.
{{Pointing at self.......}}

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend....
do something you've never done before!  (like ask someone's opinion and REALLY take it to heart!)
AND if someone asks YOUR opinion - love them enough to give it to them.
And stand by it because you love them  :)

OR hey..........  GO skydiving!!!!!!!!!!!!  ha ha haaaaaaaaaa
it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!  (from MY perspective!)

PS - I promise not to edit your face if you tell me I'm wrong  {fingers crossed}  HA!


Beth Zimmerman said...

Very cute post! Shhhh ... I'm not always right either!

MJ said...

LOVE IT!!!! & so true even for me ...