Friday, July 2, 2010

just another little wedding update...

with some sneak peaks......
and a Rated "R" clip!  ha ha

Wedding update (other than I'm BEAT!):
**sneak peak pictures included!!
*note:  planning a wedding in 8 weeks..... while working full time, working part time and getting ready to start school.......HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!  ha ha

Church - check

Reception venue - check

Minister - check (no... it's not Billy Gibbons...)

Music selected.......and no - I'm not walking down the aisle to "here comes the bride" or the "bridal march" - sooooooooo NOT me!  ;-)
**hint hint**

Colors - selected  - check

MY dress - purchased, been in for alternations - will be ready to pick up July 21st  (NO peaking on that one!)

MY shoes - purchased - they freaking ROCK!!!!!!  The pink is a better picture - but I got them in blue... harder to see that pic so I put both on here.

Bridesmaid dresses - ALL ordered (except one......will be in August 9th - we hope!)

Bridesmaid shoes - selected  (Here's a picture of the concept - not the same dresses - but the color scheme - you get the idea!!  how FUN!!!!!!!!!!)  *Thanks to Todd Pellowe for the pic*

Engagement ring sent off for sizing - will have back July 8th.

Photographer booked!

Engagement pictures scheduled  (what to wear ... what to wear?!)

Parents are all meeting Sunday!!!!

Going to register Sunday night.  (Shower dates are set!)

Guest list complete

Invitations (ALMOST) complete - I have all the supplies - need to finish putting together and address envelopes!

Flower list is in progress - but my "flower man" is signed on to decorate and make all bouquets etc.  And he's AWESOME!!!!!!  (here's the "concept" my bouquet will be based on - but with hydrangea, gerberas, roses, callas... and bells of ireland... and FEATHERS!)

What else What else.........What else am I missing?

DJ is in the works for the reception - but we do have BRENNAN GRAVES - The Legend - coming to play accoustic for us!

What are the men wearing???????  ummmmmmm....... no idea!  Black tuxes?  with....???  Lord only knows?!  That part is up to T and that scares me a little - ha ha!

BUT the BEST part of it all is................
I'm not going ANYWHERE......
just going to RELAX
and plan to be POOLSIDE - EVERY day next week!

Z will be home... we will go swimming.  My girls are scheduling random times off during the week to hang with me and I can't think of a better way to spend my "Vacation" than relaxing with everyone I love!

That's it.
Sorry I've been so ABSENT from blogger world........but life is crazy.
Not just wedding stuff either.......
There are A LOT of changes going on in my life.......
some I will share later, but it's ALL kinda scary at one time.

you know you have to take Leaps of Faith in life........Well - I'm taking about SEVEN at one time.
just sayin.......

For all you girls out there - especially YOU HOLLY - share thoughts... ideas.... suggestions on the wedding planning.
I'm all ears!  :)

Hope everyone has a GREAT 4th!!!!!!!


tracey said...

looks like you have all under control!! remember to enjoy these days and weeks ;)

Scope said...

Relax and prepare to let other people help on that day.

Having just done it, it was cake.