Friday, June 25, 2010

and without further adieu.....

GUESS WHO'S GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody been wondering where I've been hiding???
under a rock?
at the funny farm?
in jail for killing my TEENAGE holy terror???


I've been getting engaged!!!!!!
That's right!
Preacher T proposed!

Anybody wanna know about it??????
huhhhhhh -

So here's how the story goes
{hope he doesn't kill me!}

Last Saturday I spent the day with my girls laying out in the baby pool
Yes.  That's right.  You read that right.  BABY pool...... yeah - you "might be a redneck" if..  ha ha.
It was HOT though.....  a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do to get some TAN on!!!
Anyway - T had his daughter with him and when I talked to him - they were shopping.  Remember this was the Saturday before Father's Day so I assumed they were shopping for T's dad and for T ;-)
I had to work at the restaurant that night so I didn't really expect to get to see T that day.

But I was pleasantly surprised when I got a text from him telling me that he was coming downtown later.  Now - for the record - T NEVER goes out anywhere when his daughter is with him.  So while I was thrilled to get to see him later, I found it rather strange.
I worked all night that night - and later realized he had sent a text saying that he wanted to see me later, to "take a walk down memory lane"
I couldn't wait to get off work to see him.

So when I FINALLY was by then around midnight!
I sent T a text and told him I was finished  (at this point expecting to meet up with him outside work downtown somewhere)
But I got a reply back saying to meet him at church.  (ODD?)
but no big deal.....I thought it was rather sweet and expecting that he just wanted to sit around talking about the good times.  {{he's sweet like that.... but don't tell him I said that!}}

So I leave work and meet him at church (reminder:  this is his church... where he is the preacher.  And the church that he started 2 years ago...)
When I go in..... I won't go into all the details, but those of you who have been following around for a while - know that we've had some ups and downs lately.  He then spent a little time apologizing for any pain he had caused...
but here's the thing... Pain or Not - we came through STRONGER than ever and I'm lucky to have him.  I'm lucky to have him in my life!
So after we talked (or really I guess HE talked) he walked up and picked up his guitar.  and said "this song says it best"
And he played this.......

{and NO "you might be a redneck if" comments here.....   I LOVE THIS song.... and it's soooo my man!}

After he finished the song  (never looking at me during the song...  probably a good thing because by THIS point - I was a gushing crying mess!  which is why he couldn't look at me.  SOMEBODY had to hold it together here!)  ha ha
After he finished.... he walked over and picked me up from the chair and held me.  We just stood there.. holding on to one another and well... just crying....  (SOOOOOOOOO sweet!)
{he was a blubbering mess....hee hee.... bless his little heart!}
and then......
he told me he loved me and that's why he wanted me to know he didn't want to go through another day without me....
and he dropped down on one knee and got a ring out of his pocket.....
and asked me to marry him  =)

Of COURSE I said yes.
Right there in his arms... standing in the church - where we began another new journey together.... walking together hand in God's will.  The entire journey  =)

So - I could not BE any happier.

And get this....... so cute.  He had left his little girl, who had spent the day with him shopping for my ring, and when he left her - he told her what he was going to do.  When he got back home that night, his little girl was waiting up to see what I said....  because she had asked him before he left what he would do if I said no.  He proceeded to tell her he would just have to punch me in the face!!  ha ha    I'm sure she was relieved to know he didn't have to do that!  LOL

Since that night - we have set the date, booked the church, booked the reception hall and are in the process of getting together the guest list.  (We've been busy little bees!)
I'll catch you up on wedding updates as they come along...

but for now - the most important thing is this....
in approximately 8 weeks, I will stand in front of God, family & friends and promise to love this man and EVERYTHING that comes with loving him, until the day I leave this earth.

It's hard to imagine that God will bless me any more than he already has......but I believe that he will.  I believe there are many many many MORE good things and blessings to come in our life that we will share together!
and I can't WAIT to see what's in store.....

{{stay tuned for Wedding updates....  August 21st is the BIG DAY!}}


Vodka Logic said...

Congratulations and what a sweet story..

Marie Ellis said...

That is the sweetest proposal I have ever heard! Congrats and u deserve all the great things to come!

Ninnie said...

Awe! Who knew Adam was such a doll. We are so happy for you Tammy, for both of you! I love that you had such a special proposal. Now that you posted that we expect ALL of your personal moments to be in this blog maybe with video though..... U know like in that movie Truman Show with Jim Carey :-D

Scope said...

One enters the club, one prepares to leave. Congrats! (My knot get ties in 8 days, not 8 weeks!)

Wooo Hooo!

tessica said...


leigh said...

You will forever cherish that memory! You've got quite the romantic man, I am SO happy for you!

Matty said...

What a wonderful memory he created of your engagement. Sounds like the ball is rolling along now. I wish both of you many years of happiness.

Shell said...

I'm so, so happy for you!!!!!

Tracie said...

What an awesome proposal! So happy for you!

Sammy said...

Aww congratulations! That's the sweetest engagement idea.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting!

Cora said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Congratulations!! *major happy dance*

Meeko Fabulous said...

Tami!!! That is fabulous news! I am SO happy for you both. Congratulations! I wanna see a picture of that ring! :)

Holly said...

That is so awesome and amazing. I am so happy for you! You know who to ask if you have any wedding questions, right? CONGRATULATIONS!