Tuesday, June 1, 2010

~I'll See You in My Dreams~

I had a dream last night that I got to hold you one more time
I could feel the warmth of your body nestled against mine
I could smell that smell that can only be described as “you”
There was no time, no clock, and no end
There were no words, no laughing or crying
Just us…. Just me and you.

As I lay there smiling, freed from life and escaped from reality
My entire world seemed to be right again
But in my non-existent time, you slowly began to fade away
And even though I reached for you, I could not feel you anymore
I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by clocks and life and sadness
And you were there no more.

Your smell still lingered and I could still feel your warmth
So I closed my eyes and lay there in silence, but not alone
Thinking of… Just us God……it’s just me and you.

Now when I sleep, I’m surrounded by His warmth, His comfort, His presence
And there is never a timeline or clock or beginning or end in sight
Because with God, there is a plan bigger than me and all things are possible
And I know in time, I will see you again.

{{I would like to dedicate this to Daffy who recently lost her sister, and two others locally, whom I won't mention by name, who ALL continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.}}

Sorry I missed POST -IT Tuesday - had a pretty emotional crazy weekend in soooo many ways.....and needed a release.  I'm still linking you back if you wanna check out the posties as Supah's!!

AND - if you missed my emotional religious sermon last week - please go visit and leave some input.... very interested to see what others have to say!

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Shell said...

This is beautiful!