Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So.... there's this boy {Part #2}

and now for.....The rest of the story.... which I'm going to condense because I want to get to the REAL good stuff  :)
Adam and I spent the following nights together, (Thanksgiving and every night after, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday....) on my love seat, listening to music and TALKING until about - oh 2 or 3 in the morning!  :)
For anyone that knows me, I'm sooooooooooo NOT a good communicator in person.  I can write you a letter all day long - but actually speaking the words - YEAH - I suck  =(
Ask me a question, I can answer  (well.......ha ha - unless it'san  A or B question, in which case my answer is almost always C with an addendum.)  But - actually putting my feelings into spoken word, its just not my forte.  I hate that.  But it's who I am.
LUCKILY - Adam is a phenomenal communicator  :)
thus the HOURS of conversation we have shared in the actual short time that we have been together!

So.......let's fast forward.  I wish I had written down ALL the things we talked about - but it would be WAY too much to share.  The summary of it is this:  I can't even count as high as the number of things that we shared that somehow always linked back to each other.  Whether it be music, moral beliefs, family, past circumstances, I mean just unbelievably astounding.  Through out this getting to know you time, I got phone calls, I got texts, I got flowers (with the sweetest card).....all "just because".  You have to understand that these are all things that I want, but never expected to find.  I had given up on that. So every day, every thing just blew me away more and more....this guy is real.  :)
Now - I'm still scared - right?!?!  As is he.  BUT the connection, the feelings, the....ok, just the connection was too much for my scared little self to ignore.  So I slowly gave in.  (ummmm - not actually has happened pretty fast.....WAY faster than I ever imagined)  But through out this short period of getting to know each other - I feel as though 10 years have passed.  I feel like I have known him my entire life.......  kinda like I have been living the counter part to his life this entire time.  (hmmmmm...insert song - "when god made you he must have been thinking about me")

Weird....& so hard to explain, but so easy to FEEL if you just stand still and let it be.

So one night Adam said "where have you been the past 15 years?"
And my response was this:   "I think I had to go through what I've been through and you had to go through what you've been through in order to make us truly - a match made in heaven"
And that's what I believe.  I believe God has been working on "us" for a long time   =)

So - it only gets better from here.  The decision was made to actually take a chance and "roll the dice" as he said... we officially became a couple.  (Even on FACEBOOK!  LOL)
For the record - at this point.........just a few short weeks into this - I am absolutely 100% crazy about him!  I see no turning back......
People may think me crazy, but that's nothing new!
  ....AND I have always been told.... when you know - you just KNOW.
guess what....
I know  =)

Stay tuned for part 3 - mmmmmmmmm - my FAVORITE PART!!!!!!
{well - really the whole story is my favorite.......but just you wait!}


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

You are a we now!! Yippee!!

Vodka Logic said...

Sounds terrific. i am somewhat jealous

JennyMac said...

Love your love story...cant wait for more. :)

Shell said...

LOL @ at on facebook!

I love how you can hear your joy through the computer!

Can't wait to hear the next part!

And, btw, I don't think it's crazy to feel the way you do after a few weeks. When you know, you know.

Scope said...

Updating your status on Facebook is like wearing his letter jacket.

Scream it to the world, girl.

leigh said...

The begining of a new relationship is so much fun. Enjoy every splendid moment.


kathryn said...

Scope's comment is hysterical....and SO TRUE! hahaha

kys said...

Yah! You made it to Face Base!

Holly said...

When you know, you know! Trust your instincts. Sounds very good.

Crystal Escobar said...

I totally agree!
That song I picked for my video was THE perfect song. "God bless the broken road that lead me straight to you".
I actually met my husband once or twice in high school(we didn't go to the same school just had mutual friends), and sometimes we wonder why we never talked or dated then, but then we think about it, and we're glad we didn't, because we are much different people now, than when we were immature attention craving teenagers, lol.
It's all about timing :)