Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas to the girls I never knew I could have never lived without!

I got to meet up with my girls tonight (minus one).... we are all so busy these days that we rarely get to see each other anymore.  I hate that - but I do understand such is life!  (being a grown up sux sometimes - HA)
These girls have played SUCH an important role in the last several years of my life!!! 
Anyway - so I took my Christmas presents, small as they may be to give to them tonight.
What I got was jewelry.... matching necklaces with our initials and birthstone pendants on them.
I'm typically a "first name" initial girl.  BUT - not this time.  This time I got everyone's last name initial.  At first I struggled with that decision - but tonight ... as I drove to meet my friends....I knew the last name initial was the best fit for us this year.
Time marches on and these girls will ALWAYS be a part of my life.  Not only will they remain in my life no matter what - BUT these past few years together... with them.... my very own single "sex and the city" group of girlfriends will live on forever.  There are nights and conversations and nights that turned into mornings that will forever be engrained into my life. 
But - as we all get busy with our lives, and we slowly meet men that will eventually CHANGE those last names, I wanted us all to have something that forever holds our initials now.  Our single years.  The good times and the bad times when we sat around and went on and on and on about boys and life and boys and work and boys.....well - you get the picture!  ha ha

So I just wanted to take a moment to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to my single girlfriends who have loved me and tolerated me all these years!!!!  ha ha
To all you ladies out there - single or not - never ever ever take for granted the love and support from your girlfriends.  Make sure you tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you this year!


Secretia said...

I can see the real joy you get being with your friends, it is heartwarming!

Vodka Logic said...

best kind of friends to have. Looks like you had fun.

Scope said...

I see you have that pose DOWN from the left or the right! (It is the mirror opposite of your profile picture.)

Glad you had a good night out with "your girls". (Sounds like I'm talking about B(.)(.)Bs there, doesn't it?) :-)

Shell said...

What a thoughtful gift!

Moooooog35 said...

I feel left out.

No different than usual, really.

Daffy said...

You are so very thoughtful and as usual your light shine SO bright!

Have a wonderful weekend doll.

Cora said...

Awwwwww, aren't you a thoughtful girlfriend? Awesome!

Erin said...

That is such an incredibly thoughtful gift and you're so lucky to have a circle of friends like that!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog yesterday.


Holly said...

True girlfriends are the best!

kys said...

You are lucky to have such a group of friends. And they are lucky to have you!