Monday, December 7, 2009

Motivational Monday :)

Happy Monday everyone!!!
I'm so sorry I have been MIA on my blog - AND on reading and commenting on others.... these past few weeks have been crazy  (Crazy BUSY & Crazy in other ways...{big smile})
I have my last final tonight and I'll be DONE with school (jumping up and down waving hands frantically - ha ha) .......this equals more time to blog! yay!

Anyway - I'm here again to spread some sunshine and hopefully get your week off to a better start  =)
The quote I'm sharing today is great.....

Faith is what you have. 
Hope is what you need. 
Love is what you give.

For some, the holidays can be a very depressing time of year...  some are alone by choice, some have no family close by or no family at all.... & some even while surrounded by family & friends, just forget the true meaning of Christmas period. 
Over the years, the Christmas holiday has become so commercialized.  I'm not judging - I love my family time, but I too fall victim every year to how much money I spend on my child for Christmas.  It's REALLY ridiculous......and once you start with that - how do you stop???
Well - here's my plan.
This year - I truly believe that the UNC/UK tickets were my (to my son) Christmas miracle.  We went to the game this past weekend and I don't know that I have ever seen my child smile so much.  He was in heaven.  (which in turn.....makes my heart melt)  THAT was our Christmas miracle.  So - rather than putting the pressure on myself to buy even more JUST so that he will have gifts on Christmas morning, I think rather than that - this year - we will spend our Christmas morning celebrating Thanksgiving.  I'm not sure exactly how we'll do this - but I will keep you posted.   Now don't get me wrong - he will have a few gifts to open under the tree, and we will still see family and have gifts other places.  I'm just saying, at our house, Christmas morning, I want to take the time to NOT think about all the tangible gifts, but rather reflect on the blessings we have been shown through out BOTH of our lives.

Faith we have.  Faith that in following God, we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  And I have never felt so sure about that as I do right now.
Hope we need.  In the greater good of all people... hope that together, we can make life better every day, for ourselves and for everyone we encounter.
Love we give.  Giving is better than receiving any day!  Don't fill your heart with bitterness and regret and hate, but instead love the life you have been given and make every day better than the one before.  Love your family, love your friends and LOVE your enemies  =)

Have faith that God will give you hope in all the love there is around you  =)
Celebrate Christmas this year with love and thanksgiving - and start TODAY!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Money wouldn't hurt either....just sayin

Candice said...

Laughing at Lee....

So glad you had a fabulous time with your boy. He will remember that game for the rest of his life!

Life Laugh Latte said...

One year we took the kids to Hawaii for Christmas. We spent time Christmas morning making a birthday cake. Bought a big b-day balloon at the store. Took a sharpie and everyone wrote on the balloon a thank you note to God. We went outside and sang Carols while we watched it fly away. Then we went inside and sang Happy Birthday and ate the cake. They loved that day! Holly:)

Secretia said...

Enjoy everything whenever you can, the future is always a maybe.

Shell said...

What a beautiful sentiment!

Erin said...

What a great quote---and Lee is right on. Who couldn't use a little $$$?!


kys said...

I think your idea is wonderful. I'm glad things are going well in your life!