Monday, December 28, 2009

Motivational Monday :) my favorite Christmas Moments

Well - it's Monday and all the fuss and fun is behind us.  Everyone can breathe again.. and luckily it's a short work again to get us slowly broken back into the routine.  (I'm actually off today - but I am NOT rubbing that in your face....wink wink)
I personally had a GREAT Christmas... so today - my motivational Monday post will be to share 2 of my most favorite (although there were lots..) moments from my Christmas this year..

FIRST would be that Adam spent the night with me Christmas Eve.  As per routine, Zack and I watched Christmas movies and drank hot chocolate on Christmas Eve...this year Adam joined us!  We watched 8 crazy nights (which if you have never seen, I highly recommend.  I love Adam Sandler and it's HILARIOUS!) and we watched It's a Wonderful Life.  Zack even watched it...all of it.  What a great classic!  After that, Adam helped me wrap (well....he watched while I wrapped anyway - HA) and then he stayed.  There was not much that could top waking up Christmas morning in his arms.  My BEST present this year..... finally having the man I have waited my whole life for  :)

My other favorite is actually a bunch rolled into one....added together to remind me what a great kid I have.  If you remember, Zack's present this year was going to the UK/UNC game.  I told him the game was his present and not to expect anything more on Christmas day.  Well of course, I couldn't allow there to be NOTHING under the I had a few gifts...some jeans, a new basketball, an AWESOME UNC hat...and then of course he had stuff at my parents.  Anyway - after all was said and done, Z looked at me and said this was the best Christmas ever.  He said "I wasn't expecting to get anything for Christmas after the game, so everything I got today was like gravy...."  I'm just glad to have a child that doesn't EXPECT life to be handed to him on a silver he appreciates the things he does have.  I'm just glad to know I have raised a son with a heart....and I will pray every day that he never loses that gift.

This was my BEST Christmas yet!  Adam also got to spend time with my ENTIRE family...playing Rook.  Wonder if this was HIS best Christmas yet?!!??   LOL    my family is alot to handle  ;-)

Hope everyone has an awesome week....What was YOUR best Christmas present/moment??


Armando said...

well not to be a party pooper, but it's been a while since we had a nice Christmas economy wise would mean a working with mean no working due to not having my papers of immigration completed we are barely making it financially. However, my wife and I. we have each other that that's a blessing. And of course our beautiful dog.
Anyhow, I will wish you a happy new year. Blessings to you and hope you can stop by on my blog and read my latest post.

Erin said...

Your son is so lucky to have such a wonderful mom! And I'm glad you got to wake up w/ the BF!!

Scope said...

As someone who has just started getting used to occasionally waking up and finding the one thing you want most snuggled up next to you, I can only imagine how happy of a Christmas it was.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

What a great Christmas! Your son is an awesome kid, good job :)

Daffy said...

I have that goofy face-splitting grin... I'm so glad you shared this! I'm just so excited for you!!!

Your amazing son is a testament to his PHENOMENAL mother!

Tami G said...

Armando - my point exactly - the best part of my Christmas this year was solely based on all the LOVE and blessings in my life right now! money can't buy that :)

Erin - someone needs to remind my son of that! HA!

Scope - you are soooo KNOW exactly what I'm talking about!

TnT Rings - thank you!

Daffy - I just LOVE it when you grin like that ;-) I hope you get to show me MANY more! cause I'm just gonna keep on sharing! hee hee... my life unfolding!

Chester said...

Sounds like a great Christmas was had Tami, hopefully the good times will continue to roll through 2010!

Best Christmas moment?

Hmmm, that's a good one, as there are always many good times, coupled with stressful moments of couurse, but if I was to go for one, I'd say that the look on my mum & step dad's face when I got them a framed photo of one of the best days they will ever have, which they told me they had when they got to visit the Vulcan bomber this year.

I know that doesn't sound much, but if you take a look at the story you'll soon know what a great day they both had, even though it was just intended as a special gift from me to my mum in the Summer.

Secretia said...

The man you want in your bed all nite is the only present that matters. I'm happy for you!


kys said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas! Your son is a good egg.