Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hangin at the me some FO-TO's!!!

One of my very good friends did a photo shoot for my son and I for Christmas.  I'm SUCH a photo junkie, so this year we took pictures and that's what my family will be getting for Christmas... because WHAT could be better than MORE pictures of me and the Z man sitting around your house?!!  ha ha

Anyway - I'm sharing the link with you all if you wanna check out my pics.  Morgan is SO GOOD!

Morgan Marie Photography
If you have time, browse through her photography blog and check out her other pics. 
*She does GREAT wedding photos!  =)
just a side note if you are looking for someone or know someone looking for a wedding photographer*


MJ said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! yep that's all I can say - speachless as I am ;o) BEAUTIFUL photos!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I'm so jealous! I can't get my 18 m/o son to sit still for our family holiday photos; I'm seriously considering slipping him some old fashioned cough syrup ;)

Shell said...

Gorgeous! We just tried to get family pics done a few months ago and it was so hard- 2 out of my 3 did not want to sit/stand still and the other scowls at cameras. Maybe some day we'll get a good group shot.

Candice said...

The pictures turned out AMAZING!! You are one hot mama. The kiddo is adorable as well.

I think your family and friends will love them!

Anonymous said...
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JennyMac said...

You look awesome! Love the pic. Beautiful girl.

And I have an award for you. Put on your party shoes and come over to the Awards bash.

And Anonymous..what in the world is that comment?

kys said...

Love it!

PS I'll bet you have a bigger group in your photos next year. Just sayin'.....,

Tami G said...

MJ - Thank you =)

TnT - I think the cough syrup sounds like a good plan to me! LOL sleeping baby pics are always sweet {wink wink}

Shell - the benefit of only having ONE to fight with ;-)

Candice - thanks mucho! I take that as a huge compliment coming from YOU hot mama ;-)

JennyMac - thanks so much - I will be RIGHT OVER!!!!

Kys - your comment made me smile the BIGGEST! I sure hope so... {fingers crossed}

*AUTUMN said...

hello my love!

i loooove this picture! very fabulous indeed.

have a great day hun!

miss you :)