Monday, December 14, 2009

Motivational Monday :)

Happy Monday everyone!!!
good news:  we only have to get through this FULL week before we get to some much deserved holiday time off again....YAY for short work weeks!
So - let's just get through this week together.....on a happy note!
Don't get frustrated because Christmas is soooo close and your Christmas shopping is not done.  Instead, be thankful and look forward to the time you will get to spend with your family and loved ones!
Thank God for them and use that extra time away from work to relax and just breathe.. instead of stressing yourself out!

Holidays can be the happiest or the most depressing time of the year for us.  YOU make the choice every day of how you want to look at your life.   We have all made mistakes, we've all spent too much money and put too much pressure on ourselves, we can ALL look back and see things we regret.
This Christmas....instead of looking back with regret, look forward with hope.  No one has any control over that but you!
I know Thanksgiving is over and Christmas doesn't really come with the same focus, but that too is a choice.  I am going to use Christmas as my second Thanksgiving this year.  Rather than focusing on gifts and where I have to be when......I vow to instead focus on the blessings in my life.
IN FACT, my son and I usually sit around Christmas Eve and drink hot chocolate by the fire and watch Christmas movies.  I think this year, before we turn on the tv, we will just sit by the tree lights and actually hand write a list of the good things in our lives!
What better way to put the focus of the holidays where they SHOULD be, instead of on things that in the big picture, just don't mean as much.

I found this gift list to share with you all:
 Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy - forgiveness
To your opponent - tolerance
To your friend - your heart
To a customer - service
To ALL - charity
To every child - a good example

I hope everyone has a wonderful week...and take the time to stop and breathe this week   =)


Shell said...

LOVE your line about looking foward with hope instead of back with regret.

Anonymous said...

Tami, I want to thank you for your wise words today.

Sincerely, Secretia

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I like to give my enemies dog poop and my good friends Xanax. Is that close??

Daffy said...

I'm so glad I'm friends with Lee and not enemies. I have plenty of dog poop :O)

Great way to start my Monday Tami. Thanks!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Love the words of wisdom!

kys said...

Someone mentioned gifts of Xanax? I forgot what I was going to say.....,

Tami G said...

Yes Kys - I made sure to confirm with Lee that we ARE in fact friends and not enemies... I need to be on the Xanax list... LOL

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I love the list- now I'm off to shop for forgiveness, do you think they carry it at Macy's?

Tami G said...

TnT Rings - YES - they have it there - it's RIGHT next to the patience!!! LOL
I shop for that EVERY year! ;-)