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Cube Method - Week Six

Training Log - The Cube Method

Preparing for BATTLE...
my Journey in Powerlifting


(as previously stated)  My weights are based off my max lifts, whether they be in the gym or in training.
Squat - 185
Bench - 105
Deadlift - 240

Week 6

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Going into this week - I was really frustrated with my training and gains.  I know to some people, when I tell them my lifts, it sounds impressive.  But to me... I guess I expect too much?  When I look at where I started and where I am now... I feel like I should be better!  YES - I've made gains... but it's not enough!  I'm not satisfied!!!
I know I haven't been lifting for THAT long... and I am thrilled with my gains, don't get me wrong.... but at the same time, I feel like with the hard work and time, I should be better than what my numbers reflect!!!  Just getting really frustrated.... especially with my BENCH gains.... or LACK thereof!!!!!

So here we go.........

Rep squats
Foam rolling/stretching
Band pull aparts 100

*So when I got to the gym, Travis, one of the guys we work out with, brought in an old Inzer squat suit of his.  His TINY squat suit... that he wore a few pounds ago.  They thought it would be a good idea for me to try it out.  Now I don't know who made squat suits or if they INTENDED a woman's HIPS to fit in there... but trust me - it was not an easy feat!!!  But somehow I got in it!!!  Had alot of fun once I got it on.  For more details about my squat suit lifting... check out THIS BLOG, about ALL that junk.... in my truck (HAHAHA) with more detail!!!
So moving on to my lifts!!!*

Squat IN SQUAT SUIT!!  135 x 6,  155 x 6,  185 x 2,  200 x 1,  225 x 1  (My max raw is 185, so THIS was awesome to have on my back!!)
Took the suit off after this and continued with my regularly scheduled program!
Squat (raw)  1 x 6 @ 80% (135#) NO knee wraps

SSB Olympic squats 3 x 8 (80#)
SSB Good Mornings 3 x 8 (80#)
Leg Extension 3 x15

Plank - 1 min (+45# plate)

*This whole squat suit thing was a much needed mood enhancer for me!  Felt pretty good after this night and it's technically HEAVY squat night next week so.... maybe I can play again!*

Here's a couple videos!!!  Cause I was excited.... and maybe a bit proud!!

This is 185 x 2


This is 225 for one!!!!  MOST I've tried to squat!!!

Heavy bench
Foam rolling/stretching
Band Pull aparts - 100
*once again - I'm banned from the flat bench.... here's hoping this brings up my bench!*
Incline bench - 45 x 6, 55 x 5, 60 x 4, 65 x 2, 70 x 2, 75 x 2, 80 x 2, 85 x 2
Incline DB 2 x15
Military 3 x 12
DB shrugs 3 x 15  
Band pull downs 4 x 20
Kroc rows 3 x 8 (35#)

Plank 1 min (45# plate)

Foam rolling/stretching
Band Pull aparts - 100
*we switched over to the Texas Deadlift Bar this week for the remainder of the cycle*
Deadlift - work up... 95x5(conv) x5 (sumo), 135x3(conv) x3(sumo),185x2 (sumo), 205 x 3 (sumo), 225 x 1 (sumo).  Failed 245 and 235 sumo.  I thought my HIPS would explode!  OUCH!!!
Dead sumo 125 x 10 x 3  (sumo)
Power Cleans with the small bar + 25's.  3 x 3
Rows 55 x 8 x 3
Leg extension 3 x 15

Here's some SUMO reps.... My hips were KILLIN which you can clearly tell after I finish my reps in this video!

Bodybuilding Night
Foam rolling/stretching
Band Pull aparts - 100

**Once again, focusing on that upper body!**

Military - 25 x 8, 35 x 8, 45 x 8, 55 x 5 x 5, 65 x 1, 75 x 1  (75 is most I have done on overhead).  Tried to hit 80 and just missed it!
Incline DB  20# x 15, 25# x 10 x 2, 30 x 5
Calf Raises 60
DB Bicep Hammers  3 x 8
Tricep skull crushers 3 x 15
Leg extension 3 x 20 (25#)
Front squat holds with 135 x 2, 95 x 2 (held it longer!)
Plank (with 25# plate)  1 min.  *Just used 25 instead of 45 here since I did other ab work, amazing how much lighter that 25 felt after doing 45 plates!  crazy!

Felt a little better after my training this week........
We are THREE weeks out from another MOCK meet for the Cube Method.
I'm really going to push my upper body work for the next few weeks and HOPE I can make some pretty big gains there.   I'm also hoping that getting used to having heavier weight on my back with the suit will give me more confidence on my squat!   Deadlift.... well switching to Sumo pulls can go either way.... UP or down?!  Only time will tell!

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YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!!

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