Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk?

I couldn't pull myself together enough yesterday to do a "Motivational Monday"
Cuz I've not been very "motivated" myself.

THEN.......{{Insert last night.....}}

so..... I'm passing along..... my well wishes for a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!  ha

I will admit, I have been in a funk about lifting.
As if you didn't know that by "THIS"........

But last night - I did something new.  Something fun.  Something out of my comfort zone.

I tried on a squat suit.

And then - I squatted in it.

I've seen the boys in their briefs and squat suits and bench shirts etc., but I have never had any desire to get in one of them!
**Sidenote:  If not used properly, they can be really dangerous.

ALAS - as if fate had a hand in it and knew I have been really down on my lifts lately, Travis (one of the guys I work out with) found an old squat suit of his that he can no longer wear.

Please allow me to share some HUMOR and some KICK ASSNESS!  LoL

Here is what a squat suit looks like.

It is very HARD for me to describe to you the MAGNITUDE of the SMALLNESS of this suit!!!!!!

Putting it on is definitely a WORK of art..... LITERALLY!!!  It is impossible for one person to do and it definitely takes a lot of time and finesse.  I lack finesse.  And I work out with guys.... POWERLIFTING guys.... what IS finesse???

So anyway - once you get the suit on - it should be SNUG  (ha ha - that's putting it lightly) in all the places that you don't want most items to be snug.  ESPECIALLY as a female.... Around your legs.  In the CROTCH.  Around the waist.  Around your entire midsection.  Well - you get the idea.   It should fit like your skin.

Something like this.....

Snug .... but still breathable.  And somewhat movable!

We fought and struggled and pulled; and I danced and wiggled and squirmed..... until finally ....... we came up with this.......

BEST.  BRA.  EVER.    lol
As SNUG as anything could possibly EVER be on my body!!!!
I can't even BEGIN to tell you how funny it looked EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we pulled those straps up.  What's that old saying about two hogs in a burlap sac or something?!!  LOL  yeah.  It was THAT hot!!

Seriously - with those straps up, I could hardly breathe!!!  (I might have been a little nervous too!) But that is how it is supposed to fit.  TIGHT.  Cutting the circulation off to your legs!  ha  (not really - but it definitely leaves a mark!  And several BITES after squatting in it!!)
I took the straps down off my shoulders when I squatted because I was afraid if I did ONE squat with that strap up, it would promptly and without hesitation slice my entire arm off!!!   ha ha   Not really - but it will definitely build up some pressure in your guts!  Make ya head pop off!!!!  ha ha

Seriously guys - I wish I could have videoed the entire session of getting me in this tiny little sack of a suit.  The material is THICK and doesn't have much give.  These "child bearin' hips" was wantin' NO part of that!   It was NOT made for a girl with hips and boobs!  :)

or maybe it is!!??


Once we got me in the suit and did some warm ups...  I did my PR squat for 2.   That's 185 for TWO!   Then - I pushed her on up to 200!!!  I squatted 200!!!

And then.... just because....... {I'm crazy.... and those boys are CrAzY... and I have good spotters} I went ahead and took 225 for a ride!!!!!
Yeh - I did that.
Compared to some, that isn't much, but for ME....... well - it was just what I needed  :)

And here's a video to prove it!!

So yeah - I might have had a little help from the suit and a lot of pre-workout in my system and two cRaZy boys cheering me on...... but at the end of the night - It was JUST what I needed to find my passion and love of the gym again AND let go of some of that frustration that I've been building up about not progressing.

I still have alot of work to do to get stronger...... and I still have a long way to go.
But I have to remember....... Progress is progress..... even if its one lift at a time and one pound at a time!

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Scope said...

+40 lbs is a HUGE get. Way to go.