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Cube Method - week Seven

Training Log - The Cube Method

Preparing for BATTLE...
my Journey in Powerlifting


(as previously stated)  My weights are based off my max lifts, whether they be in the gym or in training.
Squat - 185
Bench - 105
Deadlift - 240

Week 7

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I'm feeling pretty good in my training these days... I have refused to try to TOUCH any singles on the bench for weeks now... Some days it's INSANELY irritating... but my overhead press and my incline DB press is getting bigger... so HOW could I NOT increase on bench?!  Right??  I mean, it makes sense in theory... but for some reason, my bench continues to defy any rationality in reasoning whatsoever!!!
So I just keep pushing on!!!
Squats and deadlifts are coming up little by little, so I'm still making progress overall.
And darnit  - that bench WILL come along!

So here we go.........

Heavy squats

Foam rolling/stretching
Band pull aparts 100

*After playing in the squat suit last week, and it being heavy night, I decided to get back in the suit.  But I did my raw work sets first before going real heavy in the suit.*
Squat - 1 @ 90% (155#); 1 @ 92.5% (160#); 1 @ 95% (165) All without knee wraps!
 MAX EFFORT  1 x 185!!! (with knee wraps!)
*this is the first time I have hit 185 raw since working out at Berea with Lilly... this rep was MUCH needed for my mentality in training!*
{Into squat suit here}   1 x 185, 1 x 205
I was then instructed on my squat form.  I'm not sitting back enough... my legs are not staying upright enough... knees not pushing out enough... etc. etc. etc.
{Off with the squat suit}
I then proceeded to do BOX SQUATS for 1 MILLION reps trying to get improved form....
blahhhhhhhhhh boring 135 box squats!!
I did (I hope) eventually start sitting back a bit more... but I struggle so much with this... it just doesn't feel natural to me... I feel like I'm falling.... and I panic.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Moved on then to some leg extension   3 x 20
Frustrated... I packed up after that... feeling like my heavy squat night was a BOMB!   even with the 185 squat on the record!

Here is my 205 in gear video   ( I did 225 last week , but shut down this week to work on form )

And HERE is my 185 squat... it's right at parallel, need to work a bit more on depth - but overall - I'm just happy that I FINALLY hit it again!!

Explosive bench
Foam rolling/stretching
Band Pull aparts - 100
*once again - I'm banned from the flat bench.... here's hoping this brings up my bench!*
Incline bench - 45 x 6, 55 x 5, 60 x 5, 65 x 3, 70 x 3, 75 x 3, 80 x 3 (increase my 2 reps to 3 reps this week!)   AND....... 85 x4  *New Rep PR*!!!
Incline DB 3 x15 (20#)
Military 2 x 6, 2 x 8  (45#)
DB shrugs 3 x 15  
Band pull downs 4 x 25
Kroc rows 3 x 8 (35#)

Plank 1 min (45# plate)


Foam rolling/stretching
Band Pull aparts - 100
*we switched over to the Texas Deadlift Bar last week for the remainder of the cycle*
Deadlift - work up... 95x5(conv) x5 (sumo), 135x3(conv) x3(sumo),185x2 (sumo), 205 x 1 (sumo) 1 (conv), 225 x 1 (sumo),  235 x 2 (sumo) *left some in the tank for a PR*.....

**DEADLIFT - 250 x 1 (SUMO)!!!!  whooooo hoooooo  SUMO and ALL TIME PR!!!  **
 This was my goal for the YEAR!!!  Whaaaaaaa??!!
Time to set a new one!!!
Stick a fork in me here!!!  I'm done.  Pack my bag - it gets no better than that!!!  ha ha
moving on.......

Dead sumo 145 x 8 x 3
Leg extension 3 x 15
Rows 3 x 8 (75#)
Stiff leg deads - 3 x 8 (95#)

Check out my WAR WOUNDS from some deadlifting!!!!

Here is video of my 235 x 2

and my SUMO and ALL TIME BEST 250 x 1!!

Bodybuilding Night
*We worked out at a different gym tonight to avoid the drive and to get home to watch some CAPO lifting!*
Calf raises - 75
Plate loaded lat pull downs  3 x 15   (45# plates)
Bicep curls 3 x 20
Tricep skull crushers  3 x 10
Standing DB military press - 3 x 15 (20#)
Leg press machine - 3 x 5 regular stance, 3 x 5 wide stance.... these were heavy weighted and taken very deep!!

TWO weeks out from our MOCK meet for the Cube.
Feeling pretty good although this week of training doesn't look like that much on paper!
I did hit some PR's - but it looks like my accessory work is lacking.
Better hit it HARD next week!!!!

We also spent some time.... ha ha - more like ALL NIGHT LONG watching CAPO Saturday night into Sunday morning!!!  It was SURREAL to watch so I can ONLY imagine what it was like to be there!!!  BIG shout out and CONGRATULATIONS to all the Juggernauts and Animal Pak boys... but ESPECIALLY our BOY - BRANDON LILLY!!!!  He pulled off a phenomenal 2237 pounds!!!  843/579/815

No man I know has more passion, love, belief and heart about powerlifting than this man!
Congrats LILLY - you earned every pound with blood, sweat, tears and SACRIFICE!!

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Scope said...

Is the issue with the bench maybe not in the muscles, and not in the form, but a mental block. It seems to be haunting you.

Just saying, maybe you're thinking too much.