Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Being a grown up SUX!

I don't WANT to grow up!!

I hate making responsible decisions.
I hate it
Can I go back to being... Oh I don't know, 16??!  So I can drive but still let someone else be responsible?  And someone else can pay the bills and make decisions... that way when they are bad decisions - I can blame someone else!!!  Yes - perfect!

Why were we all in such a dang hurry to grow up anyway??

My plans were to drive to OH this weekend to the Arnold. I wanna meet Dana Linn Bailey. Did I mention that?!!
So I entered that contest and if you won, the training with her would be Monday the 4th. Right after "Arnold".
the perfect... irresponsible weekend

But alas.... I did not win

I knew the odds were slim
612 people entered

But it still hurts. 

It's still disappointing

To lose

To know someone was more "motivational" to work out with than you...


What?!!  I'm not bitter!


So, in my disappointment, I thought, I don't have the extra money to run off to OH for the weekend anyway
I don't have my money tree up and growing so I really should stay home anyway
And go do my own inspirational work out

I really SHOULD be responsible


But I still wanna meet her!!!
And I still wanna see Caitlyn Trout lift. And Brandon Lilly. And the Lilliebridge's.  and on... and on.... and on.....

So... My compromise? (as Brad put it...)

Get up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning ( I'm sooooo not a morning person ) and drive to Columbus. Spend the day getting my fill of body building and power lifting, AND MEET DANA LINN BAILEY... then drive back home. It eliminates hotel expense. Which was adding up quickly!!!!

So I guess I could use this disappointment to sit at home and pout all weekend OR use it and turn it into DRIVE to push harder and do MORE.... right??

I want to SEE gains!
I want to be inspirational... (stomping foot!)
I want other people to look at me and be inspired to push harder

Hey....I know!!!!!
How about I punish myself enroll in a boot camp on top of my already scheduled gym sessions!

WHY NOT!????!

So for 6 weeks (at least)  - I'll work out SEVEN DAYS A WEEK
Look out summer - here come my ABS!!!!!

KILL yo!!!!!

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