Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Motivational Monday ~inspirational weekend~

Once again - a day late.....but I'm still just as excited and inspired as I was on Monday when I started writing this!!!

What a great inspirational weekend!!

The next several weeks are going to be a bit BUSY at work - so I hope the high that I got from this weekend, and the will and inspiration that is burning inside me, will carry me through!

Here's how the weekend went....
We left at midnight Friday night AFTER work out (because why would we leave town before getting our scheduled work out in?!!!)
We then drove all night. (don't worry - we showered after working out so we didn't have to smell each other on the way there!)
Stopped and got some post-workout grub (you KNOW power lifters GOTTA EAT!!!) and then arrived in OH around 6:30 am.
Once we found a place to park, we spent the entire day at the Arnold expo.
(Side note - there were SOOOOO many people there... you couldn't move!)
I will over filled with power lifting and surrounded by health and fitness

I met Brandon Lilly (the creator of the Cube Method which we are doing right now!)  He is SUCH an awesome dude!!

I met Caitlyn Trout - a fellow female power lifting BEAST!!  So adorable and a lifting LEGEND in the making!!!

I saw the whole Lilliebridge family lift in the Animal cage.... Can you SEE the size of these BEASTS??

I SAW Dana Linn Bailey (I did not get to meet her.... booo)  There were SOOO many people there to meet her legendary butt, that you could barely get through...  (but B-rad got a fist pump!)

I DID however meet Rob (her husband) - who is pretty much AWESOME!!!

All in all - it was a GREAT success of a trip!!!  (albeit QUICK!)

And the iron bug chews away....

So alas.... around 6 pm, we began our journey back home.
*keep in mind we are all still up from Friday morning going to work*
By this time, we were REAL rays of sunshine.
Thank goodness we were FULL of starstruck adrenaline!!!  (and maybe a little delirious as well!)
We stopped to eat somewhere, I don't even know where.....
And eventually made it home around midnight.... ish... going into Sunday morning.

Needless to say, we spent the day sleeping on Sunday!
Quick trip away filled with pure AWESOMENESS!!!! 
And that awesomeness has to be the ONLY thing that drug me back to the gym on Sunday night... for REP squat night... One of the HARDEST nights on the program!!

And even though I didn't get to MEET or WORK OUT with Dana Linn Bailey.... I STILL feel like I got the BEST end of the stick and everything happens for a reason.....

More to come about that tomorrow!!!

I'm SOOOOOOO excited to share that with you!!!

I can hardly contain myself!!!

Don't be upset about how far you still have to go; be EXCITED about how far you've come!!!
It's a journey.... not a Sprint!

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