Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3...2...1.... Here we go!!!!!

I'm on a mission

NO - it's not to BE the biggest dork every....
but I AM the biggest dork EVER!!!

I recently saw that MHP is sponsoring a contest where you can win a work out session in OH (at the Arnold which we will be attending) with Dana Linn Bailey.... my girl crush and the most BAD-A$$ chick I know... well I don't really KNOW her....  but I mean IF I did - I have no doubt we would be the BEST of friends!!!
And Brad would be diggin on some Rob Bailey too.... just sayin....

to enter the contest, you simply fill out the registration form... attach pictures... and an "optional" video.  Ummmmm - OPTIONAL??  NO!
I have been working relentlessly on putting together a "Tammy is a bada$$ and you need to pick me to work out with" video!

It's so fun
And kinda neat to really SEE on camera how far I have come in such a short period of time with lifting!

Yeah - Ok - I'm proud
NOT bragging...  but PROUD!!
And there is not a dang thing wrong with that!!

So anyway - I'm on my mission right now..... but soon - very soon - there will be a youtube video to share!!

And then hopefully MHP will think it's just as bada$$ as I do and hopefully they will see Dana Linn and me are long lost BFF's!
(fingers crossed!)

Don't we look like BFF's and GREAT work out buddies?!!!   :-)

Dana Linn Bailey
Tammy R Green

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