Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Does this video make my butt look big?!

I hope so!!! 
 I've worked hard for it!! 8-)

** side note**  and THAT -------> is NOT my butt!!!

I did it. I put myself out there.
I'm doing everything I can to get better and stronger to meet my goals for 2013!
(and maybe a few bucket list items too!)

So I put myself on YouTube!
(my mother will just die.... LOL)

Remember when I posted 3...2...1... Here We Go about the contest and trying to win a work out session with my girl crush  fitness role model Dana Linn Bailey?!
To enter the contest, you have to submit pictures, an essay of why you should be picked and a "optional" video
So I threw together a video
Because I'm all about going above and beyond the call of duty... AND I wanna win! Duhhhh

My video is not all sexy and abs and foofoo girlie girl.
 It's all strong. It's WORK. It's hard
Just the way I like it!!
I didn't want a video that you looked at and said "dang she's hot"
I wanted my video to say  "Dang she's strong.. and works HARD!"
So that's what I put together

And I thought I would share
See what y'all think
Questions... comments... CRITICISM