Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's confessional... those dirty little secrets!!

What better way to celebrate a Friday than with some dirty little secrets!!
 (AKA things NORMAL people are scared to say out loud.... notice the emphasis on NORMAL!)

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So without further adieu
Here are my Friday Confessionals!!!
((welcome to the judge-free zone!))

I confess...
I hate the Dentist.  I put it off as long as I can.  Grrrrrr....  so last week, after 3 years... yes THREE, I finally went in for a cleaning.  (ONLY because I chipped a tooth that needed fixing because I couldn't stop "tonguing" it and my tongue was getting raw!!)  I arrive for my cleaning only to discover that I need three fillings!!  (One for every year of skipping = my karma I guess)  So, back this week I went for fillings.... my mouth is STILL SORE!!!!!  Shall I wait another three years to be tortured?

I confess...
I can watch documentaries or movies where people die all day long..... NONE of them break me down like a commercial about an animal.  It's sad really... but I must confess that Clydesdale commercial during the Superbowl literally melted me.  So much so that I was not just "teary eyed" - but literally had tears ROLLING down my face.  I then tortured myself by watching it repeatedly!  WHYYYYYYYY????!!
Here... let's do it again!

I confess....
I hate dieting.  There I said it.  I.  AM.  A.  CARB.  JUNKIE!  Period.   BUT starting next week I'm starting a new diet.  (a LOW carb diet)  Or I'm changing my "lifestyle eating habits"  (snicker snicker)  It's a low carb diet that is supposed to effectively make you lose weight without losing muscle mass.  And I've worked hard for these muscles - so God forbid I do ANYTHING that might cause me to lose ANY of that muscle!!  I'm grumpy when I diet.  And I need CARBS!  Did I mention that.  I REQUIRE carbs....  Did I mention it's a LOW CARB DIET??
so this should be FUN!

I confess....
There are times in my life when I should be happy for people.... and I struggle with it.  (BIG confession!)  There are some people I know that have made, or are trying to make, better choices and appear to be in a better place now.  And I want to punch them in the face.  YES - I realize that is not very lady like and not very Christian like... and very unbecoming....(that's why this blog is called "confessionals") but sometimes - people deserve to fall flat on their faces for a minute?!  RIGHT!!  ha ha.  KARMA!
Some people get ALL the breaks... no matter HOW UGLY they act and treat other people!   blahhhh
Does that make me a bad person?

I confess....
Sometimes I say too much.  Sometimes I am TOO open for my own good.
Sometimes I worry that this confessional Friday blog will get me in trouble.
Sometimes I say things I shouldn't.

I confess....
I'm sorry to admit it makes me kinda sad when very few people read my blog and no one hardly ever comments. I don't write for others, I write for me. But sometimes I'm really proud of something and it feels like I just threw it in a lake. So shout out to Shell at Things I can't Say for giving me a shout out on FB!!! Thanks girl!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday and a fantastic weekend!!!

And on a positive note - cause I always like to leave things positive - A friend posted this on facebook and it hit home with me... and hopefully it will with you too!  I'm SURE he won't mind me passing this along!

The foreclosure of your house, the repossession of your car, the cheating of your spouse that left you broken and without a relationship; all hard situations that forced you to change something that wasn't working. Your financial situation changed and the loss forced you into a life you could afford now. A broken relationship wasn't the one you deserve...forced to be alone and work on yourself until you are in the relationship you dream of. Change is hard but you will end up so happy. Trust God and make the necessary changes. You'll get through this!


Aubrey S. said...

There's the commercial again. It's such a good one.

I'm not going to give up cards; that's why I take martial arts. Good luck with the new diet. You're a braver woman than I am.

I can understand that confession about not being happy for people. Sometimes it's just hard to be the bigger person.

Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend!

Ducky said...

I happen to think we are entitled to our "hope you get punched in the face" moments. We are human. Period. Feel it, swim in it if you want, then do your own thing :) and let it go.

I'm wishing I had the dedication to muscle mania like you do <3

Rachel Murphy said...

Wow that was a great commercial. I missed that one. Thanks for sharing. I agree there are times it is SO hard to watch nothing but good things happen to others when they can be so ugly, but it all works out in the end. Keep your head up and thanks for sharing your confessions! Have a great weekend!