Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh to know it all...

Remember back when you were a teenager and you realized that you knew everything?! You had all the answers and no one could do or know better than you!!
You were invincible!!
And everyone, ESPECIALLY your parents were the stupidest, most uncool people you knew!!

Remember that far back?

Well I vacationed with one of those lovely teenagers this past weekend!  My dear sweet son.  Don't get me wrong - I love him and thank God for him EVERY day.  But when all was said and done - I felt the undying urge AGAIN to call my mother and apologize for being such an annoying, know-it-all, "you know what" when I was 16!  Sheeeeeeeew!

Aside from learning how stupid I am in my old age and how embarrassing I am - we REALLY had a great time this weekend!
I took Z man to North Carolina.  (for those of you who don't know - UNC is Z's favorite team EVER!)  So we went to visit the campus in Chapel Hill and went to the game Sunday night (which they WON - yay!)
We spent time Sunday afternoon just walking around the campus on our own.  Z was overwhelmed I do believe.  He plays baseball and I think seeing the actual field and the players scrimmaging was probably the highlight of his trip.  It was awesome!  :)

Here are a couple of the highlights of the conversations that were to be had while we were gone.

After a drive through Starbucks where I got us both a snack and coffee and hot chocolate respectively, I chipperly replied as a pulled away "Gosh I am just a ray of sunshine!"   (now mind you I just used a gift card to buy us treats at the MOST expensive place in the world to get coffee - that makes me in a good mood!)  My son then replied... "yeh - you HAVE been in a good mood.... which is rare.  Maybe you should go on vacation more often!"
WOW - I didn't realize I was such a drag!  :-/

What about when we got off the plane to head back to our vehicle to head home.  I had parked in long term parking.  But upon getting off the plane, I hurriedly jumped on a shuttle not realizing it was the shuttle to ECONOMY parking, NOT long term.  My son quickly pointed out my stupidity and that he knew all along we were on the wrong shuttle.  :)

Even through all of that though - the trip meant the world to me!!  More than anything I wanted Zack to see a campus and a baseball field and what his future could hold - I wanted to light a fire under him... and start a desire for what the world has to offer if he will only chase it!  (and push him in the direction to not make the same mistakes I made!)

OH to be young again and know everything.
I remember back when I knew everything.....  what HAPPENED to all that knowledge cause I SURE have made some monumental mistakes since then! 

I love you mom and dad and thanks again for making me who I am today!!!  (And I'm soooooooo sorry)

Most of all - I love my bi-polar, moody, eat me out of house and home, temperamental teenager! (and I pray every day for the road he chooses to pursue!)

Here's a few shots from our trip!

this is only the second time Z has been on a plane - he did pretty good!
The dome

the baseball field
Check it out - even the firetrucks are UNC blue!!!



Scope said...

So did he get embarrassed when the college boys were checking out his mom, or is he used to that by now?

Stacey said...

lol If I only knew now what I knew then! I have one of those know it all teenagers, too! Grr...