Monday, February 6, 2012

I kissed a boy...

I kissed a boy and I liked it!!!
 Too soon?!!

The stars just might have aligned and I just might have met a boy that I might just be crazy about  ;-)

Shhhhhhhhh - don't tell him yet  ;-)

I never expected to date again after the divorce - at least not for a LONG time!
And I really didn't expect to meet someone so soon.
And most of all - I didn't realize someone could make me feel so special  :)

That's all you get for now....
just a little teaser

Just know this - I am sooooooooo excited and happy and filled with anticipation...... and it's been quite some time since I could say anything like that with ANY regard to someone of the opposite gender!



Bethany said...

OMG!! What's your email address? We need to talk. :) This is crazy.

Cora said...

Only one thought: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scope said...

There's a saying about the best way to get over the last guy...

But I won't go there.

Take your time.

Have fun.

Enjoy the feeling. (I mean "feeling" like "emotional sensation" not "feeling" like "groping each other in the back seat of a car." Oh, heck, enjoy that, too! ;-) )

Tami G said...

Cora & Scope - you guys are GREAT!! Thanks for the excitement! And Scope - seriously - HILARIOUS!! I'm enjoying both... the "feeling" and "the feeling" ha ha
Love you guys and hope to find what you all have!!!!

Bethany - WE ROCK!!!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

you go girl!! Life is too short, so you've picked up the pieces and are putting them back together pretty well...keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

You ask for pray in your new blog, and you talk about back seat sex in this one?This is why I'm stopping, I'm not going to fellow your blog anymore.My daughter used to read your blog, it inspired her to keep her faith in God. After reading some of the stuff you been posting, your not the same person you used to be.You tell us to be honesty with you so I am.Delete this if you want that's fine also.I'm sure some of the other people that read this will say I'm wrong also.I know you read your bible and it says not to judge but right after that it says to judge the fruit from our trees. The fruit that I see now is not the fruit that used to be growing from your tree.I could go on and and say more but it's a waste of time if I do. I'm not going to change how you live your life.I will pray for JR also, I hope she found God before it's was to late.

Tami G said...

Dear anonymous - I'm sorry that you feel that way. I'm not sure where you saw me write "back seat sex" ANYWHERE in my blog, but I won't beg you to stay. The beautiful thing about having a blog is that people make a choice to read or NOT to read. That is completely up to you and if I have said something that offended you, I can't apologize for what is in my heart. I will never apologize for where God leads me, what he puts on my heart OR who he brings into my life.
It doesn't bother me that you judge or criticize, your opinion doesn't matter to me. What I have said continues to touch people and for THAT I know I am right where God wants me to be. Maybe you are not.

Feel free to walk away and find inspiration for yourself and your daughter elsewhere. Hopefully God has something better for you out there somewhere!!

Anonymous said...

You said it in your comment"I'm enjoying both... the "feeling" and "the feeling" ha ha"
Where God leads you? I don't think he wants anyone to divorce, he wants us to work things out for better or worse.
You told use to feel free to comment on what you write.Then you tell us our opinion doesn't matter? Maybe YOU need to look at yourself. You had a blogger overdoes, do you really think you told that person the right thing?You have been having problems and you have been posting about it MAYBE Gods trying to tell you SOMETHING! Just because you feel good don't make you right. I used to get so much from your blogs, now your all about you NOT God.