Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ding ding ding.... round 2!

So I've toyed around now TWICE with making my blog private.  ALL because of some silly silly person or persons that continuously display their unhappiness with their own lives with an insistent infatuation of stalking me and tossing around slandering lies.

Today - I looked up at the sky and literally said
"God - really?  I'm full!!!" 
(my friend KK can vouch for that!  She saw me!)

Call me what you will....... make up lies, do what you have to do.  I have thick skin!
My friends and people that know me....
#1 - don't look at stupid gossip websites anyway,
and #2 - if they do, they know me well enough to know that you are just making a total fool of yourself.
But this last one, this second round on topix has crossed a line for me.
My child was brought into the mix. 
I realize that you are questioning and slandering my abilities as a parent and making accusations that are just totally bogus, but hey - how about this dear "anonymous" mom of the year - do you REALIZE that you are putting MY innocent child in the middle of your web of unhappiness and lies!!!!
How mature and kind and considerate is that??!

I have never once in my life claimed to be a perfect person or a perfect mom - but I will tell you this - NO MATTER WHAT, my child is TAKEN CARE OF and DOES have positive upbringing and morals. 

So - today - I made my blog private and contemplated completely deleting my facebook page.
Then I got so frustrated with myself that I was allowing someone to have that much control over me.

And then I got an email.......   from my dear sweet JR.  **UPDATE**  She is home and recovering.  I am certain that she has a rough road ahead (and I want to be here for her!), and after thanking me for all the prayers (THANK YOU to everyone that read my blog and sent up prayers) she immediately asked where my blog had gone because she could no longer access it.
And I was once again (Thank you Lord) reminded - that no matter what the world throws at me, God is using me in some small way.
And for that - I am blessed.
And all of the ugly words and lies that you crazy people spread about me.... well - quite frankly - they melt away!
I will once again put my blog back up and promise with everything I have - that I will not let circumstances bring me here again.  I know the difference in real and fake, and those of you who are here for REAL reasons - I have more faith in you to know that you too know the difference in real and fake!!!!!

Shortly after I came to this realization today, my phone rang.
I had recently applied for another part time job - and guess what that phone call was for.
That's right
To tell me I got the job!  :)

Just remember - God knows how much you can handle and if we just trust in him and show a little patience, He will always come through!!!  :)

Put your gloves on - its ON!
With God on my side - who can be against me?! 


Stacey said...

This person obviously has a very boring life, and they have nothing better to do!
Congrats on the job! I have been waiting on God for a very long time now. :(

Ninnie said...

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