Monday, February 6, 2012

Calling in my little soldiers...

My heart is hurting tonight and I am asking for a small little favor from you all.
From all my bloggin buddies
From all my facebook buddies
From all of you I know in person
and all of you I have never met
From all of you who I know read on a regular basis
and from those of you who never say a word, but I know your there....

My heart is breaking.

I have been blogging for some time now.
And over the years, I have been blessed by reading
and even more blessed by writing and hearing your kind and personal words in return.

If you will remember, not too long ago, I was actually contemplating leaving my blog.
Circumstances occurred that caused me to second guess sharing my heart with you.
Lots of people wrote to me
and every single word made me smile and made me stronger.

Throughout my journey I have had the opportunity to share in many joys and many heartaches with you.
Tonight - I need to share a heartache

Back in my LAYOVER BLOG, I spoke of a dear sweet girl, "JR" who wrote to me and asked me not to stop writing.  She is one of the main reasons I pressed on rather than being defeated by negative experiences and negative feelings.
She is a very very sweet girl who has written to me on many occasions.  She has shared alot of her personal life with me and I have done my very best to hold her close and pray for her on a regular basis.

Sadly - I received an email from a friend of hers tonight saying that she has overdosed and they don't know if she will make it or not.
I do not know any more details than that.
I know life has given her a tough hand, and I know that just like ALL OF US, some of that is due to choices made by others and some due to choices she has made.  But when she writes to me, she shares her heart of gold.  One that is hurt and broken.

As of now, I do not know where she is or anything more
So I'm simply reaching out to each and every one of you tonight or whenever you might read this, to ask you.... as you read this blog, please PLEASE send up special thoughts and prayers for my little friend JR.... Prayers for her family, Prayers for her KIDS, and prayers for her friends....

I know that we all have bad days and need the strength of others to get through...
I'm sad to think that ANYONE gets to a point where they are so sad and feel they can't rely on support from someone else to get them through.
So tonight... tomorrow.... whenever, please please send all the prayer support that we can muster up!
I KNOW how big my GOD is!  Let's see if we can show JR how big he is too!

Thank you all!

Tami G


KMT said...

How sad! I will certainly remember her in my prayers. And, on a separate note. I am sorry I didn't make it on Saturday night. There are reasons...will fill you in later. Love, love, love you! ;-)

Ninnie said...

Oh Tammy. This awful. So awful. 2nd young one in 2 days. I'll pray for Jr and her family. Please ad Shannon Buchanon to yours, and her baby. I pray your girl gets the help she needs when she gets out. We already know she will if she doesn't come back here.