Friday, February 10, 2012

.... the end of an era....

or something like that!
I marked a milestone last night.
Closed a door...... that was actually closed already.  But I nailed it shut I guess
Sure did!
that ol' thing hanging in my closet collecting dust... with nothing but a SAD song to sing......  yep - NOW it will be HAPPY again!!
The little girl was so stinkin happy too- it was soooo sweet!!!
and she got a GREAT deal  ;-)
PAY it forward!

On top of that - I think I shared about the job already.  I can't put into words how excited I am about that.  It's a great opportunity for a multitude of reasons.  I am still a newbie in my profession and all.  I see this as a great learning opportunity... a chance to be exposed to things that I might not see otherwise.  Not to mention - I am ALMOST debt free and this is my step to put a nail in that door too!  Steps towards being completely debt free!
THAT is a huge milestone for me!!!!!!!!

Let's see........
ummmm - YEAH - I CAN keep going!!!

My boy tried out for a baseball team (not school - it's a traveling team) and we will find out Saturday if he's on the team or not!  HE is SOOOOOOO excited - so PLEASE say a prayer that whatever God has in store for him, we will be accepting and thankful for.  No matter what the outcome may be   (please make the team, please make the team, please make the team.......)

Did I mention the boy kissing?!  Yeah - he's fantastic.  Did I mention that I see GREAT things in his eyes??
So that is going great too!
I'm looking forward to a FANTASTIC weekend with him  :-)
YEP - Happy Friday!

OHHHHHHHHH - and for those of you who have been around for a while - remember the tattoo that I've been DYING to get for some time now.
WELL - I finally did it!  YAY me!  Got my back recolored and a new one on my wrist.   Here's the new one.   It's an L in the shape of a heart......for.....
my motto always!!!!!!  :)

It's funny how things come together when you STOP trying to fix everything yourself.
Put yourself out there.
Take chances
Hope for the best - and ACCEPT and be THANKFUL for whatever God has in store for you

DID I mention God has great things in store for me?!?!!!
NO MATTER what it is....
God's plan - not my own.



Ninnie said...

I had a comment all typed out and it never posted. im pissed. coz i hate typing.Ok as I already asked in the dissapearing comment. Can you please clarify 1) What kind of kissing is going on here? 20 When u say whole weekend do u mean the wholeish weekend or the WHOLE WEEKEND?3)when u say live laugh love...what kind of love do u mean and do i need to charge for it? 4) when u say put myself out there...mmm....where? and do i charge for that too? 5)why is your boy trying out for the team? do u mean the kissing boy or do u have a kid? I thought I better get it all stright before I found somewhere to post about u. I have a friend at the paper. Just let me know. I can even design flyers.

Stacey said...

No reason to just let it collect dust. Love the tattoo!