Friday, January 27, 2012

I've been working out...

and I didn't even know it!!!  HA!
(that's the BEST way to work out BTW!  :)  hee hee)

I read something tonight...  I have come across it before and I just absolutely LOVE the quote.

"Pain is weakness leaving the body"

Then someone (who shall remain nameless... Raphael - LOL) made the mistake of asking me my thoughts on this little string of words...  OOOOPS!  (ha ha)  you guys KNOW I can't keep my mouth shut when asked...

So... here's what I'm thinking...
And you know that the obvious implication is not to what I am referring. 

Yes yes... working out at the gym (when done right!) induces pain.  The pain makes you physically stronger meaning "weakness" is leaving your body - right?!!

Well - you know I can't leave it at that.

Let's look a little deeper.
Our hearts too are one big muscle!  And a pretty amazing muscle at that.  We all know without it pumping, we could not continue living.  So we need to take care of that muscle.  I guess it needs a little exercise too!
Not just physically - but emotionally.

Think back through your life at the hardships you have faced.
Broken hearts.  Loss of a loved one.  Family feuds.  Loss of a job.  Divorce.  Failure.  Sickness. 
Many many different heartaches that we all face.  All custom tailored to each of us.
When you've been hurt or let down or disappointed, and you feel at your absolute worst, the pain is HORRIBLE!!  Think of that first blow.  The first word of bad news.
It's gut wrenching.  You think you will never breathe again... or get out of bed.... or leave your house.... or date again.... or try one more time to have a baby....

But then a little time passes.... and then a little more......
And slowly but surely, your body begins to recover.  Your heart starts to heal... a little at a time.  Recovering and getting past that weakness... That hurt.

The pain and the weakness slowly disappear.
You stand a little taller ..and a little prouder ..and a little stronger!
And now you bare a scar to remind you not just of the pain, but that you lived through it and came out a stronger and better person.
A little more prepared for that next punch to the gut.
The next time... you will recognize the pain as weakness leaving your body.  And you will be thankful that you've been here before and you are strong enough to handle it a little easier this time around.

So the pain you endure IS in fact, the weakness leaving your body.... You're healing!!
just like working out..  Life is training your heart to be stronger, just like you train your muscles!

I'm gonna live to be TWO HUNDRED AND TEN!  I must have the most scarred but strongest heart around!
And I'm thankful for every beat... and every scar.... because I know there isn't much that life can throw my way that me and God can't handle 

I'm strong because I have suffered pain.

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