Monday, January 9, 2012

You're nobody till your somebody's TOPIX!!

It's like I'm famous or something.........

Ohhhhhhh - the things I would love to share with you!!!
I've learned many MANY things over the past few weeks...
But the greatest news is this....
I've made it
to the BIG time...
I'm famous..

Apparently the world has gone to POT and has nothing better to do than discuss little ol' me!  ha ha

My past, my present, and apparently someone is SOOOOOO intrigued by me that they have commenced to essentially stalking me to post my whereabouts!

That's right!
I'm like a STAR or something!!!!!!!!
ha ha

Have you all heard of the stupid website Topix?
Well - it is essentially a place where people go to remain nameless and spread useless gossip.  Or talk about and slander people for reasons that are BEYOND my understanding!

Well - this weekend - I discovered my name on this lovely website!
Two different feeds!
How awesome am I?!!!!

Someone has actually stalked me in local establishments and posted my whereabouts and made some strange accusations about my "personal life"
It's AMAZING what you can learn about yourself on the interwebs!  ha ha haaaaaa

Well - anyway - the posts are REMOVED.
I reported them (as did the other person slandered in the post)
BUT - I just wanted everyone to know that you have been graced by the presence of a "STAR" today!
Yes you have now brushed arms with someone who's SOMEONE!

Don't go runnin over to Topix to read about me either.
The entire thread has been removed.
And IF that crazy girl decides to start up another post - I DO know who she is and trust me, I DO know how to have this taken care of.
Next time, the harassment won't JUST be reported to Topix - there will be more involved!

Have a GREAT Monday!  :)


Brian Elrod said...

Welcome to the club! I have a little blurb about me on there as well. I didn't bother to remove it, I thought it was pretty funny.

Cora said...

And to think I knew you when. LOL. ;-)

Scope said...

Some people just have enough going on in their own lives.