Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring is in the air.... vrooom vroom...

So - last summer, my mom took a class and got her motorcycle license - right?!  yeah - MY MOM!  My sweet, precious, tiny, 5 foot tall, angel winged, halo wearin' mom took the class, license in hand, and bought bikes for her and my dad.  And guess what........I don't know that she has ridden it the first time after getting her license... in fact she thinks she has probably "forgotten" how to even ride.

And yet.....

I was convinced that I needed to take this class and go get my license too!  YEP - I sure did.  Signed up for the class, took the test, got my license.....with NO BIKE.  LOL  
BUT - never fear - at the end of last summer, we come across a great deal on a bike and BINGO - bike purchased and parked in the garage. 

Yeah - that's where it still is.  I - as opposed to my mother did ride the bike.........
in the church parking lot!  LMAO! 

ok ok - I rode it to church from my parents house........yeah - well, that's maybe a mile. 

Wait - AND I rode over to my brother's wife's parents house...  ummmmm.....yeah - that's maybe 2 miles?

 So - ok - I haven't logged alot of miles yet..........

BUT OHHHHHHHHHHHHH - days like today make me wanna leave work and go straight over and hop on and take off.  It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS outside in Kentucky today!  I LOVE spring!!!!!!  I love Summer, I LOVE fall!!   who freaking needs winter anyway??!
But - running and jumping on the bike has become......well......... a bit of an issue for me.
(no mom.... I have not "forgotten" how to ride)

I'm really ok to start with.... but the time I actually rode on the road - I got a little freaked out. 
I'm not very good at right turns......
well I mean - it's not that I'm BAD at them.......just uncomfortable.
which spirals my brain
and well.......then I get a little freaked out
and start analyzing EVERYTHING I'm doing....

yeah - I don't understand it either.

But when I turn right I feel like I'm gonna fall over??  I don't get it.

maybe it has something to do with this?????????

Let me take you back a few years to the underlying issue with WHY I might be so freaked out about dropping the bike.
Here is how me and my asinine brother work together
(i hope your sitting down)

My brother, I'm pretty sure has balls of steel.  There isn't anything much that I have ever seen him back down from.  (maybe skydiving?  maybe?  *wink wink*) When I was younger, I was pretty ballsy myself - but nothing like him.  (of course I am a GIRL which I have to remind myself of sometimes since all I grew up around was boys) brother rides a crotch rocket.....wheelies... 120 MPH - all the crazy crap you do - he does. day he shows up with my mom's bike.  (which is as FAR away from a crotch rocket as you can get) 
We go riding around (me as the passenger) and I decide that I think I would prefer to drive
 (i have control issues people, I wanna drive!)
Well - being that I have NEVER actually "driven" a motorcycle before in my life, we decide it was a good idea to go out in the back yard and let me piddle around with it.
(learning to ride a bike in the grass/dirt - for the record - NOT a good idea!)  But I SURE didn't wanna get out on the road.
So this is what we did.......

Keep in mind - I have driven many a car with a 5-speed in them.
Release the clutch
Hit the gas.
How hard can it be to do the same thing with my hands??!!!!

Killed it.

Killed it again.

and........killed it again.

I can't even take off on the thing right!
right about HERE is where our brains fall out.

My brother says   "I'll stand on this side and do the gas, and you just release the clutch slowly and I'll walk with you"


Time out - does ANYONE sense a problem coming???????

yeah - you would think!!!!!!!

But onward we went....Brother to my right, hand on the gas, me sitting on the bike, left hand on the clutch.
and release
I'm not REAL sure how SLOW  FAST I released because the bike jumped which caused the brother to
pull back on the gas.......
this in turn proceeded to GUN the back tire around and down I went......
bike on my leg
tire spinning......
brother still holding the gas.....

OMG - it scared the CRAPOLA out of me AND HIM!!!!!!!!
looking back - I mean SERIOUSLY - how stupid was THAT?!!!!!!!
2 different people working gas and clutch!
picture that in a car.........
put your foot on the clutch and someone else reach over and do the gas??????
I mean REALLY!!!!!??????????

(sure did sound like a good idea at the time though!!!!)

I had a freaking purple and green and black goose egg on my left calf for probably a MONTH after that!
it's a wonder we didn't burn a hole through my leg!!!!!!!!
It's pretty funny to think back on now......
but MAN what an idiotic idea.

So all in all........stupid lesson learned.
Poceeded to take the motorcycle class.
never ONCE dropped a bike and got my license......

SO why today am I such a weenie about it?

I know I just need to GET OUT and log the miles!
What a GREAT day it would be to do that!!!!!!!!!

Happy Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

My dad and one of my brothers are noth into bikes, I never caught the "bug" but they do seem like fun on a beautiful day! Get back on it!

Anonymous said...

Be careful, and practice riding where the traffic is light-in the country.


GetTonedFitness said...

theres nothing better

Betty said...

Tami, I think your mom is awesome!
I so love riding!Love this post!
SO beautifully written!
Betty xx

Moooooog35 said...

I just took my Harley out for the first time ever yesterday (PICTURES ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE HOORAY!) and I'm happy to know that YOU ARE NOWHERE in this vicinity.

I feel SO much safer.

Anonymous said...

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Tracie said...

You're braver than I am. I'm too much of a Fraidy Cat to even ride a bike - like a 10 speed - let alone a motorcycle.

It was beautiful today. I'm hoping you got out and enjoyed it.

Working Mommy said...

I am more of a crotch rocket gal myself...but I can appreciate a nice(r) bike when I see one :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds it is quite tempting