Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I visited a new blog today, http://momyawp.blogspot.com/ , and on her blog, she has a list of things she wants to do before she is 26.
I thought - what a GREAT idea.
I just turned 34....
35 will likely be a tough milestone for me.......I mean wow.... it's so weird to think back and remember as a child when you couldn't WAIT to be 16, and you couldn't WAIT to be 18, and then 21...  and then what?!!


no more!!!!!

I never imagined myself as a 30 year old!!!!
and now......well I'm knocking on 35!!
next comes 40!
it's just almost surreal when I think about it sometimes......

SOOOOOOOO - with my positive little sunshiney motivational happy go lucky attitude in hand, I'm going to attempt to make a list of things I want to do before 35!  :)

Here we go!
(in no particular order...)

1.  Get another tattoo.  One that is relevant...
2.  Skydive AGAIN - this time - WITH video (first skydive was 5/2009)
3.  Be completely (with the exception of home and car) debt-free!  ~NO more credit card charges!~
4.  I have my motorcycle license - but I want to be comfortable enough to get on and ride anywhere.  (need to log some miles!!)
5.  Re-paint and re-decorate my living room.... RED!
6.  Have my kitchen and laundry room tiled.
7.  Give my testimony at least once (I have a MAJOR fear of public speaking)
8.  Start a website (anonymous) for good Christian advice or just someone to talk to...  ~still brainstorming this one....~
9.  Meet someone from blog land that I follow and admire!
10.  I would like to find my waist and abs... this is an ongoing battle
11.  I want toned arms  - like I want people to say "wow, you have GREAT arms!"
12.  Go on at least one "girls only" trip - even if it's just for the weekend.
13.  Make at least ONE trip to the beach
14.  Get started on my secret scrap book project
15.  Go to a Beth Moore conference
16.  Have a will
17.  Know (be told) that something I have done or said inspired someone else....
18.  Actually have money in a savings account
19.  NOT be living paycheck to paycheck
20.  Get accepted into Sonography school
21.  Run another 5K (hopefully running the entire time!)
22.  Run a 5K with Preacher T & Z-man!  (wonder if that's on T's list!  HA)
23.  Commit to memory scripture that has impacted my life
24.  Read the bible all the way through....can't tell you how many times I have "started" this one
25.  Volunteer for a local charity or event
26.  Go through my closet and REALLY take out things I don't wear.  Donate to charity.
27.  Work on going to bed earlier  (this could be the hardest one!) and getting up with time to get ready and not RUSH through the morning.
28.  Be comfortable praying out loud... (ok - THIS may be the hardest one)
29.  Stop impulse buying, only have what I need and not what I want.
30.  Learn to play at least one song on a musical instrument that interests me.
31.  Get up one day and take off to an unknown destination just to see where the road takes me without a map.
32.  Take a dance class
33.  Tell at least one person what  a difference they have made in MY life!
34.  BE physically fit.  period.  not "working on it" or whatever, but actually BE healthy.
35.  Plant and grow something that I can eat or use to cook.... tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs...  (better get on this one!)

What do you think?!
do you have a list of things YOU want to do???
Mine is going on the fridge! 
and I'll keep ya posted on my progress  :)


tessica said...

thanks so much for coming over to my blog!
i was so excited to see your list and think you made a great one!
I love you last one especially!

Moooooog35 said...

Things to do before I'm 42:

Stop reading people's "Things to do before we get older but are MUCH YOUNGER THAN YOU, MOOOOOOG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" because it's goddamn f'ing depressing.

Brittney said...

awesome list :)
I cant pray outloud in front of people either.. I hate talking in public! Thats awesome that you went skydiving, youre braver than I :)

Stacey said...

Great list! I would like to do a lot of the same things, but mine would have to be before 40!

Double Wide Mom said...

Good list. I've also thought about #8 a time or two.

Double Wide Mom said...
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Double Wide Mom said...
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tracey said...

Great list, I keep adding to my but now I am so old it is a bucket list! Do not plant any herbs, I will have massive amounts this year unless the rain washed away my garden!!

Working Mommy said...

This is such a great idea!! I am going to put together a list too!!!

Angela said...

Great list.... you can count me as number 17... I was inspired bu your list which has given me great ideas for mine (I turn 34 tomorrow...)