Friday, April 16, 2010

On those weak days.... Lord make me strong.

Some days I’m weak
But, some days I’m strong….

Some days I know
all the right things to say
But some days I struggle to know
what to feel

Some days I feel like all the world is right
and everything is as it should be
But most days I’m impatient
and nothing moves in the time that I think it should

Some days there is no one,
with a single right word…
But some days all you have to do is speak
and I’m reduced to my knees.

Some days I bask in a life
full of sunshine…
But sometimes I’m overcome,
because it’s mostly just gray.

Some days I get discouraged
and overwhelmingly let down
But then I’m reminded
life can only be as good as we make it.

So on my weak days,
When I’m scared and feeling insecure
I simply turn to you to be reminded….

We choose to add sunshine
We choose our own colors
And we choose to be surrounded by joy in a life
That is a gift that is ours for the taking

And the one simple thing
That makes the bad days seem better…..
Is simply to know
that when I feel weak in a world full of chaos
I rest in your hands and it's THEN I am strong.


Daffy said...

Likely you'll never know just how profound a post this is.

Ink Spiller said...

All I can say is "yes"....

Tracie said...

That was beautiful. And so true.

D Nuck said...

Glad ur still writing. U have inspired me to inspire other people as well. Keep going at it your own way