Monday, April 19, 2010

a change is gonna come..

Time marches on....
things change...
people grow and change...
people that have meant the world to you - change and move on and your left standing in the dust wondering where they went and what happened.
It's just life.
Sometimes I find myself sitting around wondering WHY?!
why do things have to change?
why do people that mean so much and have affected you in so many ways, disappear?
I know why.
I understand why.
It IS just life.
People come in and out and they leave footprints in our lives.
They shape us.
They challenge us.
They change us.
and when their time is done, life moves on and we are better for having known and spent time with them.

But some days, I just want to stomp my foot and demand that the hands of time turn back and take me back to a time when things were simple.  To a time that I thought would last forever.  To a time that I thought would never change.......
No - they weren't really simpler times, but it's funny how when life moves on and things have changed, you look BACK at times like that and NOW they seem easy... they seem simple.  You know NOW that things dont' last forever, but when your in the moment... it just seems like they will.

And although - I can look back at some things and it brings a tear to my eye and I wonder why things have to change, at the same time - I CRAVE change.
I'm an Aries - what else can I say?!  I crave change.  I crave growth.  I crave new things and new experiences and I guess I crave a life that proves we are moving forward and changing and growing.  I crave that.  I want that.  Something new.  Something to challenge me.  Something to FORCE me to grow.

So when I look back and am sad because things have changed, people have changed, time has marched on - I look up and give thanks for that.  Because without change, without experience, without the challenge that life gives us every day - we would never grow and we might never meet the new people that have shown up to shape us even more.
When I get like this.... when I get all antsy and anxious and craving something new, some change, some new challenge - this is the time that I know God is working on me.

When you look around and you see change and growth all around you - you KNOW he is working. You KNOW there is a plan and there is no feeling like it in the world.

THIS is the time when I KNOW he is reminding me...showing me... CHALLENGING me to remember - that I have to put all my trust and faith in Him...


leigh said...

I love this kind of realization. Growth comes soon after.

Shell said...

Change is very reassuring to me. Especially in the hard times- because I know that whatever I'm going through isn't permanent.

Brittney said...

oh wow! Thank you for posting this, i really connected with this! Maybe God is working on me & thats why im feeling all this craziness im feeling :)

Working Mommy said...

What a GREAT post!! As much as we all try to avoid change - it is a constant in all of our lives...we try to deny it, but it continues!! Once we learn to embrace change, then we are truly able to grow as a person!