Monday, March 22, 2010

Motivational Monday (because I need ALL I can get today!)

Well........welcome back to Monday.
I'm not real sure how impirational I will be today.
It's Monday.  It's cold.  It's raining...
but I'm trying....

So I'm going to share some (what I hope to be ) good news regarding my puppy.
If you missed the previous post, Puppy Love, my dog has a slipped disc in her back and I found her Thursday afternoon after work with no use of her hind legs at all.

When I left work on Friday - Bailey had YET to relieve herself in any way. And it had been at least 24 hours. When I spoke to Mr. Vet Friday afternoon he advised that if she had not gone by Saturday morning, we would need to put in a catheter. This is NOT what he was hoping for and NOT good news.
Friday night I went to see Chris Knight in Nashville.  (blog to come regarding the show!) When I arrived home at 2 AM - Bailey has relieved herself ALL over the place!!  LOL
now - at 2 AM, this was the LAST thing I wanted to be doing.  But I can't tell you how HAPPY I was to see the mess.
Mr. Vet had told me that the same nerves that controlled her back legs also controlled her bladder, so the fact that it was now working meant HOPEFULLY she is getting some flow back to those nerves now.  THIS is good news.

Since then, I'm still keeping her in her cage and carrying her out to use the bathroom.  She continually goes on her own now and is even now beginning to try to use her back legs.  She still doesn't have much balance and still is very wobbly when she walks.  But the fact that she is at least TRYING gives me hope.

We will continue with the daily steroids for another week, gradually tapering back off and hoping for continued improvement.  We really won't have a definite answer until the time has passed and medication is complete.  Until then, we will just keep hoping and keep praying that she continues to improve at the rate that she has been improving.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  My son was having a REALLY had time with it Friday night.  In fact, he had an overnight field trip on the horizon that he told me he wanted to cancel because he didnt' want to leave Bailey.  With her improvement, I convinced him he should go, and we would be just fine and she would be waiting for him to come back.  I just hope I am right ...

Thanks again for all of you who left comments and have kept us in your thoughts and prayers.  I can't describe the feeling of knowing people all over the United States are thinking of us.

I just had a conversation last night with someone about how God brings people in and out of our lives for reasons....  There is always a plan, and although we don't always know what it might be, God will take care of us and he will bring people into our lives to get us through no matter how hard the situation gets. 

I truly believe this.

Just remember, while God is bringing people into YOUR life - he is also bringing YOU into someone else's life. 

Live like someone needs you.... because they do!  :)


singedwingangel said...

I am so glad that Bailey is doing so much better. Sending healing prayers for a quick recovery to full ability ASAP

Matty said...

Well this is positive news for sure. How funny that you were actually happy to see a mess all over.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Poor Bailey, I hope she continues to improve!

Stacey said...

Yea! I'm happy that she is doing better!

Vodka Logic said...

So glad she is getting better, she is lucky to have you,

leigh said...

Sweet Bailey. She's lucky to have such a good mama to take care of her!

Anonymous said...

That is very sad to find your pet hurting like that! I'm sorry, I hope it gets all better.


Erin said...

I am thrilled Bailey is doing better and hope the trend continues. Keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers. Doggies are the best hard when they can't talk/tell you what they need!

Lluvia said...

Had to go back and read the post. Indeed, I'm glad Bailey is doing better.

Hopefully, it'll get better from now on.