Friday, March 26, 2010

EXTRA EXTRA.... Read all about it! Your votes are in!!!

Well.....Ok - they are not in YET!!!!!!!!!!!

but I need them.......

like NOW   :)

pretty please!!!!!

EVERY year about this time.......I struggle with this........
what fun new look can I rock this time?????!!!!!!
I change my hair color and style like I change underwear.....
(almost every day!  LMAO!)

you should go through my photo album on facebook over the years....

I'm blonde.
I'm brown...
I'm highlighted
I'm short
I'm long
I'm curly
I'm straight....

ONE THING I love is my ability to be versatile  :)
I love to change my hair.

So........this year - I'm soliciting your opinion.

First of all..........THE CUT
I have not had my hair CUT since last May.  Yes - that's right people - my ends look like da rats been chewin on em! 
Last May I got my hair cut pretty short.
The inverted bob.
(see picture)

My dilema is - now - almost ONE YEAR later, the style is not so "stylin" anymore.  it's just a long "grown out mess"

So - Do I cut back that short - ORRRRRRRRRRRR
do I leave the length I have and just shape back up to that cut???

do something - TOTALLY different?

*Sidenote:  I'm leaning towards just the shape up and keeping my length........beeeeecause..........if I were to have a special occasion come up.......say the PROM or something - I might like to be able to wear my hair UP!!!!!
 Short cuts are just not as easy to play with.  NO MORE pony tail at the gym.......though I CAN rock some tiny little pigtails with the short cut!!!  just nothing fancy smancy! LOL

(insert picture of my now Auburn/Red grown out mess)

Yeah - see the bobby pin to keep my long, grown out, mangled, no longer what I consider BANGS outta my face.......ohhhhhh - that's BAD :(

OHHHHHHHHHHH - PS - Did I mention we went to see Chris Knight (click his name to check him out) in Nashville?????  Yeah - that's him - in the picture.......T's ALL TIME FAV!!!!  Does anyone KNOW who he is or any of his music???  well.... if you don't - he's great and you should look him up.  Good ol' country boy  :)  Wanna hear a song - click HERE! (one of my favs!)

Anyway - back to me!
So moving on from the cut 
Let's talk color.

Typically I go blonde in the summer.
in fact - my boss tells me that's when he knows summer is officially coming.....when my hair turns!  ha ha

So I'm inserting some examples of the blonding that I might do if I go with blonde.

(insert 2 blonde pics - look at the coloring, not the hair cut...)

Blonde #1 leaving alot of my Auburn undertones

OR Blonde #2  with LOTS o' blonde CHUNKS!!!!!!!

get this..........
if I choose NOT to rock the blonde this year........

I'm KINDA in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE with this color AND cut!!!!!!!!

What do you think???????????????????



Help me out here.........
I'm waiting out the weekend for your votes!

So bring 'em on!!!!!!!!!


Lluvia said...


Brittney said...

the last one is my fave the color is beautiful & the cut is amazing.. I want to cut my hair short like that but i have a chunky round face & it makes me look 12 lol!

Secretia said...

I say keep your genuine smile and change whatever makes you happy that day!

Stacey said...

I love the last one!

Candice said...

You would totally ROCK that last color and cut.

Seriously, go for it!!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the last cut and color! But only if you're gonna make that face ;)

Scope said...

I think the last picture would do great in keeping your length, and the serious aubrun in your hair.

PROM season is coming up soon! ;-)