Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You never know what HOT STUFF might happen at Wally World!!!

So today - I'm sharing a guest post with you!
No - my lovely friend the "kinky klubhopper" (don't even ASK about that name....LOL) does not have a blog - but boy does she BLOG to me!  ha ha
Today she told me the best WalMart story I have heard in .... a long....time... well - no ok - EVAH!!!
My friend is hilarious and I have begged to share this story with you all.
Kick back and prepare to be entertained  :)
*straight from the Klubhopper's mouth*
I was approached at Wal Mart just now during my lunch hour.
I was at Wal Mart minding my own business.  Walking out to the car and I saw this really nice looking guy.  Dressed in business clothes.  And I’ve told you about the plain solid blue long sleeve button down!!  They ALWAYS catch my eye.  In my opinion, they just look so sharp on a man. Especially with black pants.  WELL, that’s what he was wearing.  Probably about 48 years old… or so.  Carrying something to his bitchen suv which was parked just up from my car.  He comes up to me and says (but really …not in a creepy way somehow), “I must say this.  But I’m always surprised when I see such pretty women at Wal Mart.”  I said, “thank you, that’s a nice thing to say.”  He said (looked at my hand), “I see you’re not married.”  I said, “No.”  He said, “A baby, huh?” (pointed at the car seat in my car)  I said, “Well, no… I have a ….” And he goes (and HERE’S where I lost my spunk and felt myself spiral downward…) he said, “Ohhhhh, got a grandbaby maybe?” 
WELLL…… once he said THAT, I could plainly hear the unmistakable sound of a dying pac man come blaring out of the heavens above.  BOINK BOINK.
He asked, “I guess you have a boyfriend?”
I said, “Yes, I do.”  And he said, “Yep, that’s what I figured.  Just my luck.”  And he introduced himself.  Keith.  Shook my hand.  I said, “It was nice to meet you, Keith.  Have a nice day.”
And I couldn’t help but wonder as I got into my car… HOW desperate does a nice looking man like him have to be before they’ll actually begin approaching women at Wal Mart the same way you would at … say… 440???  (this is a local hangout/bar)

Let me point out that my friend KK is H.O.T and looks nothing remotely like a "grandmother" in any sense of the word!  =)
Isn't she GRRRRRRRREAT!!??!!!
I love her and all her GREAT stories  =) 
the pac man sound effects are the BEST!!!


Erin said...

A grandbaby?!!?! omg! WTF? I am dying laughing over here--what a great story!

Marsha said...

Absolutely awesome story.

Vodka Logic said...

I guess granmas are younger and younger these days.

Funny story

Nicole said...

haha that is hilarious! It's true, you never know what might happen at Walmart!

Cora said...

That man has foot in the mouth disease.


Nishant said...

Absolutely awesome story.

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kys said...

A grandbaby??? Keith needs to work on his game.