Monday, November 23, 2009

Motivational Monday :)

Today will be a condensed version of Motivational Monday.
#1 - I'm NOT in the mood  (ha ha)
#2 - work and life are crazy and my poor blog suffers the most ...
But putting a BIG smile on your pretty little bloggy faces is something I just can't pass up!
So - in light of wishing everyone a great SHORT work week and starting the week on a happy note - I want to tell you ALL to go see The Blind Side (with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw).
SUCH an inspiring story... I don't want to give too much away about the movie because you MUST see it yourself - but WOW, it's amazing how one kind act can snowball into so many lives being changed.  (makes you really think about your own life ...)

AND - because I see everything in a twisted way anyway........I went into the movie expecting to cry from opening to closing credits, but in the end was suprised at the reasoning behind my tears.  Yes it's a great story, yes there are heart-wrenching moments that will break your heart to think actually happen in real life, BUT nonetheless, the MOST tear inspiring moments for me were.... the scenes between the husband and wife.  {I really could cry just replaying it in my head}  AGAIN not to give too much away, but the relationship between the two of them is.......well.......for me, just amazingly unbelievable.  Yes yes yes, I know it's a movie - it doesn't matter - it's based on a real life story and it's not like it's anything that is not possible.  Yes - I guess I am a true romantic (although I don't admit that often) but real honest true love is so rare and hard to come by, just seeing it (even if on the big screen) brings emotions out in me that I can't even describe.  The respect and support that they show each other thoughout the entire movie is just......well - what I'm looking for... someone to be a partner, someone to constantly strive to GIVE BACK to those around us, someone that inspires me to be a better person....THAT is what this couple shares.  I'll take the REAL LIFE that comes with the relationship for those rare moments that anyone standing in the room can feel the love and support and respect that the two of you share!
The other tear inspiring thing for me in the movie, is the closeness and support of the entire family.  I have this family - in real life!!!!  I have that family that will stand beside you no matter what - EVEN if they have doubts and think you are wrong; we love, we support and we come out together in the end no matter what.

THESE are the parts of the movie that meant the most to me.
I encourage each of you to see it and challenge you to live your life encouraging not hendering those around you!  Stand for what you believe in and be thankful for all of the good in your life - for some, it's not as easy as others.

(yes - this was a condensed post - ummm - well - it was supposed to be anyway...)



i saw this movie with my sister and loved it too. i love SB and feel good movies

Secretia said...

Since you two like it, I might go see it.
Happy Thanksgiving, Secretia

Melissa said...

I was basically crying at the preview.. I don't know if I could take an entire 2 hours of it. That and Precious.. I may have to wait till they're on DVD and the boys are all gone fishing to bust those two out.

Glad it was good though!

Allyson said...

oooooh i can't wait to see this movie now!

happy monday gorgeous :)

Holly said...

I hope to go see it this weekend with hubby when the MIL is in town!


PS-something for you on my blog!

leigh said...

I want to see this one. I love me some Sandra Bullock. It sounds inspiring. I'm so glad that it moved you!


Charlene said...

Hey fellow SITS gal! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!

And, thanks for the review -- looking forward to seeing this movie soon!

Theta Mom said...

I love when a movie is moving and makes an impact...thanks for the heads up! It's so on my list!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I so want to see this movie :)

Nishant said...

I was basically crying at the preview..

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kys said...

I was supposed to go see this with Hubs last night but it didn't work out. I hope to see it while it's still in theaters.