Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday funtimes.....a lil dance dance evolution!

First - let me give you a little background (since I have yet to really divulge any info on the fam) family - well - we are all night owls and we are freaking idiots.  Yeah - that's the basics... that's really all you need to know about us.... idiots!!  (*insert picture - me, brothers and their wife & fiance after softball in the rain!)  We love to laugh!  I mean seriously - you get me, my son and my two brothers together and you would think we were all 10 again.  Picking and laughing and teasing and just all around actin a fool - right?!?!  I LOVE them!  (sooooo many family jokes...I could write for days about that....)
Where was I?  ok right - last Thursday night, at 11:30 PM I head out to my parents house to get some stuff together to wear to work on Friday (yeah - the night before...) cause we are dressing up for Halloween ( that's how we roll, I procrastinate; my parents are at the ballpark till all hours of the night watching my brothers play softball)
So - 11:30 PM - I arrive at the parents.  Mom and dad are up but dad is REALLY wanting to go to bed.  However, mom and I are rummaging in the closet trying to find something for me to wear (my mom has more clothes than God..wait - God doesn't have clothes...LOL - but you get the idea)  AND I have my friend Denise and my boy with me just to throw in a little more chaos - cause I'm cool like that  :)   Next thing you know, the boy is running around in a dress my mom for some unknown reason thought that I could get into, that I wore for Easter when I was probably 10!  My dad is flipping out cause the boy is in a dress and the boy is now threatening to wear it to school for Halloween!!!!!!!  (seriously papa - calm down....LOL   this just instigates the boy though!  hee hee - don't know WHERE he gets that??!)
During all this - my baby brother (who still lives at home) has a boxer (in the bed with him) who has now heard all the comotion and is barking (it's midnight now at least....)   next thing I know - baby brother comes rolling out with the dog to put her outside, we all have a little laugh while he grumbles something about having to be at work at 6AM.  blah blah blah....he gets no sympathy from us.... cause like I said - that's how we roll  ;-)

Somehow baby brother gets distracted from going back to bed (can you even imagine how THAT would happen, me trying on clothes, boy in a dress, dad doing laundry, Denise and mom yappin....) ANYWAY - the parents just got DVR a few weeks ago and baby brother now thinks its fun to play with the DVR box and show us he knows how to work it (which he didn't!!!) - ending up on some THUG LIFE music channel.  This booty shakin thumpin now has me and the boys doin a little groove around my mom in the living room!  (the "bumping" and dancing drives my mother batty!)  LMAO!  Then I remember not to long ago, the boy and I watched a tutorial on how to "JERK"   This my lovely little friends is a lovely little dance done to the song "Jerk"   - which I'm sure very few of you have even heard of!  it's ok - you don't have to know WHAT it is to find the humor in it.... I proceed to get the boy to show them how to jerk!  (it's now....oh maybe 1:00??  AM!!!)   Ok - well the "jerk" is essentially the "running man" in reverse!!!!!!  NOW are you with me.... I KNOW you guys know what the running man is right?!?!?
WELLL - far be it from me to not demonstrate for my momma who didn't know what that was.  So 1 AM (on a work/school night)  the boy, baby brother and I are at the parents doing a little dance!!!  A little jerkin', a little runnin man, baby brother doin a little rappin........
FRICKIN hilarious!!!!!!!!
I told you ALL THAT - to get to this......
Here is the aftermath from the night of dancing at the parents:
Next day - I send baby brother a text (or facebook msg or something) saying that I could really use a lawn mowing if he might be available for that.  He proceeds to tell me he would - but he would be really afraid he might fall asleep at the wheel since SOMEONE kept him and his dog up till all hours of the night!  (snarl)
Then yesterday - i get the following video - with a note attached that says  "you will appreciate this"!!
It's Hiliarious!!!
it's like 6 minutes long - but take the time to watch it and step back through the years of dance!!!!!!!
When it gets to the running man - give me a little shout out!  LMAO!
and just for fun - if you remember it - get up and give it a whirl!  =-)

Hope everyone has a FANTABULOUS weekend!!!!!!!


Allyson said...

OH.MY.WOW. he was fantastic!!!!!!!!! i was laughing the whole time. brings back a ton of memories. i'm glad he put in vanilla ice. i looooove that song!!

that would ROCK to see that guy live. holy crap!!! i'd totally pee my pants.

have a fabulous weekend gorgeous!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Ohhh, so awesomely bad!! Thanks for the chuckle :)

Charisse and Holly said...

One of my favorite Youtubes. The kids and I have watched it a 100 times. Great idea to share it! Come by Sunday for a little Bloggy Bling. Holly at LLL

Shayna P said...

awe yes, Tami G!! This post made my DAY!!! So far my weekend has been pretty darn good. I feel very happy and you have just added to it! :) Love that pic's great! Hope you have a great weekend as well!!

Holly said...

I am going to watch this every day...It makes me smile. My son is going to love it too!


Holly said...

Oh yeah...hit the publish button too quickly...Brady Bunch and Vanilla Ice...what more do you need in life!


Tami G said...

Allyson - one of my friends and I actually have a nice little (dorky) routine to Vanilla Ice - freaking hilarious!!! :)

LLL - I just visited you!!! YAY! Thanks MUCHO for the award - I'll of course say that 100 more times every time I can - ha ha :)

Shayna - that pic captures the TRUE aura of my family - we are in.SANE.!! LOL But we are always smilin :)

Holly - Made my son (the teenager with attitude) watch it - He actually laughed out loud! LOVED it! It does have a way of making you smile! :)