Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ME??!! a THETA mom!

Holy moly... MJ over at The Dirty Little Confessions tagged me as a THETA (THE True Authentic) mom. 
I am to share five reason why I deserve to be a THETA mom and then tag some more mommy's and challenge them to name their reasons.
This was harder than I thought it was gonna be.... (... because I'm not very good at talking myself up like this... but ok, ok, I have read several others so I'm playing...)
*twist my arm*
Here we go..
Let me begin by saying - I'm FAR from being the "picture perfect" mommy.  I got pregnant at a very young age and didn't have a FLIPPIN clue what I was doing........I STILL DONT!!!  I am not the PTO mom who attends anything and everything I can attend at my child's school; I do just enough to know enough.  I don't sit beside him in the bathroom while he throws up (but I do sit in the hallway with a glass of water... weak stomach)....I don't (and can't) get him EVERYTHING he wants; sometimes I say no.  But I tell him every day that I love him and we learn about life together day by day.......and I could NOT ask for any more love in my heart!!!!
*I try to make it a point to thank God EVERY day (ok - every other... well... ok some - come on -he's a teenager - some days are harder than others  ha ha) for the wonderful blessing he put into my life!!

so anyway....  WHAT was I doing here?!?!  Oh yeah, shhhhhhh - I'm a THETA mom (snicker)  ...five things that make me GREAT - LOL
(hardly...but here they are!)

1.  I play the role of mommy AND daddy at home.  I realize in normal situations the mommy usually plays the nurturer and the daddy is the disciplinarian - but in my case, it's just me and Zack - so I get to do both! (aren't I lucky?!)  With the daddy role - I get two very special prizes....not that I wouldn't be this way anyway ! 
First of all - I get to be the hard-ass.... tough love as I like to call it.  Sure he is spoiled (bad mom - BAD!) and he can bat those eyes and be all sweet and get just about anything he wants.... BUT I do have limits and I do NOT tolerate disrespect, or lying, or whining, or FAILURE (ok there is ALOT I don't tolerate - but you get the point)  I instill very high expectations & I PUSH him to the limit in life... I AM the ultimate hard-ass parent!  I have to be....
Second of all, the boy is VERY athletically inclined so I have always pushed and supported his sports!  No matter what!  ohhhhhh there have been many a missed meals (by me) and many a missed trips and girl time and "ME" time (oh AND a broken engagement - LOSER!) in order to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be at ballgames and practice and buy all the gear needed and travel (man have we a matter of fact, he was on the Little League team from KY last year that was ONE game away from going to the Little League world series!  that included LOTS of travel and LOTS of $$$$ - but we did it...once in a lifetime - sorry - does the bragging come in the mommy or daddy role?!!?  LOL)  He is a great athlete...and although being a single mommy at the ballpark sucks (ALOT) I'm always there!  Luckily I have a great supportive family (Denise you are included in that) that travels and attends with me... but I'm just saying - (I could write another blog on this subject) being the single (usually youngest) girl at the ballpark with all the husbands (cause this is mostly "daddy turf"...) it just sucks.  Some of those mommys...  well anyway - I'm paranoid about that kind of crap....but I do it - and I back my child 100%!
*sidenote - Z does have a daddy - he is in the same town, but I guess you have gathered my impression of the input he has in Z's life....*  blah blah blah.... that's all I have to say about THAT!

2.  I am ALWAYS open and honest with my child.  He is definitely not sheltered from life.  How do you expect a child to grow up and go out on their own without knowing the harsh reality of real life.  Sure some people probably think I tell him too much... and maybe I do - BUT he won't go off to college not understanding the value of money (and how HARD it is to keep it in check) & he'll know how to wash his own clothes & he'll know about peer pressure & girls & dating & heartbreak (Gosh has he seen heartbreak!!) .... he has seen this all before!  He won't go out into the world sheltered and have culture shock.   Oh - it will still be hard and it will still hurt & suck on some days - but at least he is exposed and prepared....

3.  I have instilled morals and God's love into my child.  My boy knows who holds the world in his hands.  He knows that things happen for a reason and that God has a plan for him.  (AND me!)  Z has a HUGE heart (mostly that he inherited from my wonderful family) - he is the most compassionate, sensitive, loving individual that I know.  He is BOY through and through - but he will not walk on people along the way.  He WILL be a great man and he will treat people (women) with RESPECT and I'm so proud to have taught him that  :)

4.  We know how to have fun at my house!  I have a wonderful loving FUN family and there is never a dull moment.......anywhere where we are involved.  I have built for him a VERY strong family foundation - we are all close and he knows that EVERYONE loves and is loved in my family.  Sure you have great friends throughout life - but sometimes, you lose them.... your family and that foundation are ALWAYS there and he KNOWS that.  We cut up and tease and make fun of each other - but THAT is how we show we care.  (We MIGHT possibly be the biggest pack of smart asses on the planet - it's just who we are people!)  You must have tough skin to hang with us....

5.  I'm the hottest coolest mom around!  LOL    Seriously - I am his mother, I am his friend, I am his role model, I am his encourager, I am his disciplinarian, I am the nurturer, I am his PUSHER....  I'm emotional and loving and caring and yet can be cold as ice when needed.   ALL of this while doing the "running man" in the middle of the living room, with the blinds open and everyone in the neighborhood watching!  He is the number ONE priority in my life and he will never never never doubt that.  Whether we are bringing down the house with the radio and dancing OR we are screaming and yelling because he wants to do something that I know will only end badly.  He KNOWS that I love him and how much he means to me - and THAT is the most important thing that you can give your child!!!

OK - well that's all I've got for ya today!
I LOVE and THANK GOD for my baby cup runneth over EVERY DAY!
If you haven't already read it - my most recent proud momma moment is posted here {the days I dread...that I dream of...} - I like to document them to go back and read on the days I wanna kill him and his TEENAGE attitude!!  LOL

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And here is a sweet little song for the day (and topic at hand!)


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

You are an awesome Theta Mom!!

MJ said...

You are truly a THETA mom! I knew you would come through and do me proud ;o)

kys said...

That was great! You are such a good mom!

leigh said...

Wow...that was an amazing post! I wish that you were my mom!


Anonymous said...

You are actually the Super Mom!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Congrats, you have a lucky boy :)

Cora said...

Awwwww, why thank you!!


I know what you mean about being both the mom and the dad. Me too. As you know. *single mom chest bump* And, damn right, we've gotta be tough - if we are the only ones holding it all together we'd better hold it together with all our might, right? Exactly.

I'll tackle this tag next week!


Holly said...

That was brilliant. Beyond everything else, I do love the bond between a mommy nd her boy...I am going to go give mine a kiss! (he better be asleep!)


Theta Mom said...

Nothing like the bond we share with our kids, especially our little boys! And I love to have fun in our house, too. :) That was awesome girl and you ARE a THETA MOM! Thanks so much for supporting my blog and for passing the tag along. You're awesome sistah!

Daffy said...

You're a great Theta MOM! I'm not surprised at all to read about how awesome you are! I got tagged by Erin at The Mother Load and the great (insert sarcasim here) Theta Mom that I am, haven't had the time yet to really put out quality answers so I haven't done it. Poo poo on me....

Tami G said...

You all freaking ROCK!!!!
Thanks :)

MJ - glad I didn't let you down (wipes brow...and big smile :))

Leigh - if I were YOUR mom - you would stay in time out (wink wink)

Cora - LUVIN the chest bump! We DO rock girl!!!! YEAH!

Holly - I do love the mother/son bond and I'm soooo thankful for it - but I gotta make sure to stay tough enough so that he doesn't end up one of those... "mama's boys" that I wanna kill - ha ha *dated a few*

Theta - thanks but you are the Queen THETA! ha ha

Daffy - isss ok... I put mine off too - I have a hard time "braggin" on my mommy skills.. cause I KNOW I'm FAR from perfect. But I guess we all do at least a few things right - RIGHT??!!! (grin sheepishly...)

Puanani503 said...

you're a true theta mom! love your post and how you raise your son:) happy theta mom day:)