Monday, November 9, 2009

these are the days....that I dread....that I dream of...

We have had a fantabulous weekend here at the homestead.  I had to take a minute to put this on paper because there are far too many days when I wanna strangle my child - but this weekend, THIS weekend he makes me the proudest momma ever  =)
Z man is a freshman in high school this year, right?!... So this weekend - while I was getting ready, somehow the topic of alcohol/drugs came up. 
First of all - you have to understand that it's been just me and Zack for a loooong long time (well, all of his 14 years).  We do have a very open honest relationship (which I thank God for every day) - I really can't put into words how special the relationship is... but anyway - we are very close and he is always (knock on wood) honest with me.... well, ya know - about the serious stuff.  (maybe not always about his grades, report card, etc  ha ha)
So during the discussion, he proceeds to tell me that alot.... and by alot, I mean MOST.. of his friends (using the word "friends" loosely here, this includes kids he has classes with, not just his best friends...) have already tried drinking, smoking & some have even smoked pot.  Yes that's right.  Did I make it clear that he is a FRESHMAN.. in HIGH SCHOOL!!??  I mean WOW.   I knew the day would come but I guess I just didn't really expect it to be so soon...the peer pressure....WOW.  I'm not that naive - I remember it being in high school - but I just did NOT want to think about it happening to MY child already....
SO - The good news is we had a nice long talk about this subject (not that we have never talked about it before), and I have raised a good kid (knock on wood seriously.....HARD....KNOCK KNOCK).  He has no desire or curiosity whatsoever for any of the above.  Not to mention he is a HUGE athlete, and this doesn't mix.  So - I can honestly say (I may kick myself for this later) I have raised a good, honest, smart boy!  And I can't tell you how proud that makes me  =)
Today - I can say, that I truly believe he does NOT want to walk down that road AND I honestly believe that if he is tempted - he will talk to me about it.  And that is all I can hope for.... that he keeps his head on straight and is ALWAYS honest and open with me :)

Second proud momma moment from the weekend...  Z man and I are in the car.  We are talking about boys, girls, dating etc.  *In case you HAVEN'T heard me mention this before, I'm single - LOL*  Anyway  - just general discussion and Z looks over at me and says (yes I'm quoting cause it makes me a little teary eyed every time I tell the story)  he says  "Mom, I just don't get it.  All MY friends think you are hot... I think older guys are just stupid"
OK- yes I know - is that not the MOST precious thing ever!!  My 14 year old baby boy, trying to make ME feel better!  He sooooo does that from time to time and every time, it just makes me wanna cry a little.  #1 for raising a good kid, but #2 because he's a KID and isn't supposed to be worrying about me!
It's just too sweet!  and makes me smile and glow a little every time  =)

Tonight we spent the night being lazy and watched "The Express" together.
 I am a proud happy momma!  :)

BTW *sidenote* - after the "my (14 year old) friends think your hot" comment, I went to WKU homecoming and did a little tailgating... I did not get asked out by actual 14 year olds.... but let me just say, at my age, on college campus, when you DO get hit on, it does feel a little bit LIKE getting hit on by 14 year olds!  ha ha    But kinda flattering at the same time  =)
and they weren't all really THAT young either - just funny after the conversation with the boy!
& just for fun...Here are pics of me and my girl hanging out with the boys ....  LOL


Anonymous said...

Hot Mom, you are very fortunate to have a great son like him!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

You are one hot mom!!

Scope said...

Single blog mom's with teenagers are great people. (Thinking of you, Cora, and Shana specifically) Strong. Independent. Have kids who have it all together. And still can turn young men's heads.

Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Daffy said...

I'm not a young 14 year old boy and I think you're hot! Of course, I'm not a stupid older man either and I happen to be a girl and married to a boy - semantics....only semantics...

So glad you had a wonderful weekend and so many "I'M AN AWESOME MOM" moments! You deserve them.

Thank you also for your prayer warrior's sister is doing much better as I type this. I thought of you and your friend's father all weekend. Hope all is well there....

Shayna P said...

That's funny. But it is nice that he "worries" about you. It has to be great having a kid that straight up with you. You're blessed, Tami G :)

kys said...

You are hawt and men are idiots. But your son? He is a great kid and will be a terrific man. You have done a great job raising him.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

You are an awesome, hot mama, with a great young man for a son- does it get any better?

Allyson said...

hottie comin' through! that's fabulous that your son can make you feel so special. i wanna give him a big hug! he truly sounds like a wonderful guy. awwwwww

Tami G said...

Secretia - THx & yes I am! (smile)

Lee - no YOU are the HOT one girlfriend! in soooo many ways! :)

Scope - YOU rock! THX! I did have a fabulous weekend :)

Daffy - I am very thankful for the rockin mom moments, they don't happen often - AT ALL - in fact we had a nice little war to start the morning today - YAY! LOL And that is GREAT news about your sister - you and yours have been in my prayers. My friend's dad is doing well also! YAY!

Shayna - it is nice, I am blessed! (he gets that "straight up honesty" from his momma - thank goodness!)

Kys - THX mucho! just hope he stays that way - I know how easy it is to stray!

T&T Rings (what a great shortening of the name BTW - ha) - it does NOT get any better! Thanks :)

Allyson - he IS a good kid (most of the time...) and I'll be sure to pass along your hug ;-)

Candice said...

I'm no dude, but I'd consider you a MILF. ;)

Sounds like you've got a great kiddo! Good job