Monday, July 8, 2013

Even Zombies find Motivation


What do you love?  What do you WANT from life?
Have you forgotten?

Do you remember why you do what you do?
Why did you start in the first place?

Where is yours?
Do you remember?

Do you get up every day and just float through the day like a zombie... going through the motions with no desire... no passion... no JOY???

OR do you do anything for fun... that isn't fun anymore?

I found myself living like a zombie once.  Going to a job that didn't motivate me.  A job that I could only survive by going through the motions because there was no where to go from there!  A job that consisted of running in a hamster wheel as fast as I could but only to go nowhere.... and even when I tried to do more, I tried to excel.. to learn more, to BE more. ... it was for naught.
So I left.
To push myself...
to find something MORE!
And so I found something that drove me.  I found something that I could do with passion.  I found something that uses the fire I carry inside.
I found something that utilizes my best qualities... it allows me to meet so many people and it allows me to make a difference.  It allows me to be an instrument in helping someone..
I'm a people server... it's who I am.
I like to do for others.
When I found myself zombified and doing nothing that INSPIRED me....
I made the effort to change that.
I find it sad that others don't.

I see this outside of work too....I see it in life!
I see it in lifting, exercising, working out, dieting, playing sports... etc.   Whatever your past time might be.
I see people that just show up.  And pat themselves on the back for just that.
"well at least I'm here"
ohhhhhhhh yay.... What's THAT gonna get you?
Or worse, people that want MORE but aren't willing to GIVE more.
They show up, go through the motions, complain about not getting better, but aren't willing to make sacrifices to make gains.

You can make excuses, or you can make things happen - but you CAN'T make BOTH!

WHY do I lift?
"because you can't"
Well....... No - not because you CAN'T - but because you WON'T!
Today - you may question WHY I lift - but tomorrow you will wonder HOW!!
And you might begin to understand that when you really WANT something, you just have to fight for it.... that AND work your BUTT off!!!
You will have to find a DRIVE to keep you going and push you when you need pushing.  You will have to make sacrifices.  You will have to decide just how bad you WANT it!

When you start something - have a goal in mind.  Do this with EVERYTHING in your life!  THAT is your focus.  Focus on the end game... focus on where you want to be and fight tooth and nail to get there.  In your job, in your marriage, in your home...... whatever it may be.  FIGHT for what you want and love!
and do it with PASSION!!!!!

I just don't understand people that go through motions with no end result in sight?
What are you fighting for?  Where are you going?!

I could spend day after day going online and looking at pictures and reading numbers of other lifters and beat myself into the ground with my "lack of big numbers"
I could choose to look back at myself one year ago and see what I was doing then?  This time one year, I couldn't do a squat, much less put a bar on my back and squat WITH it!!  NOW - I can put almost 200 pounds on my shoulders and squat that!  There are girls smaller than me that can do more, but there is me a year ago that never would have believed I could do that!!!  And THAT just drives me to know that in time, I will do even more!
Any progress is progress.   And you can use that to cripple you or MOTIVATE YOU!  
The choice is all in your head.

Step back today and look at your life.... your job, your marriage, your friendships, your hobbies.... look at everything... and ask yourself.....
If you're not shooting to be the best - you are shooting to walk through life like a zombie... going through the motions and every now and then chewing up a few souls, taking what you can get and moving on.

Is THAT what you strive to be in life?

Do everything with love, passion, faith, hope, ambition, FIRE, perseverance....
And when you fail, and you will - remember why you started and let that DRIVE you to push harder and love deeper!
Failure is only failure if you stop - otherwise it is just a stumbling block to teach you to try even harder.

Start your Monday and your week with a desire to give your all to everything you hold dear!

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