Sunday, June 30, 2013

Please allow me to introduce myself...

So you follow my blog...

Maybe you know me personally
or maybe you don't?

Maybe you have followed my blog from way back
or maybe you just stumbled upon it today?

Maybe you find me interesting
or maybe you think I'm insane?

Maybe you find me motivational
or maybe you think I'm a terrible person?

Maybe you admire what I do
or maybe you're just nosy and want to keep tabs on me to report to someone else!?


Please allow me to introduce myself to those of you who DO care and ARE inspired and WANT to have someone in your life who is POSITIVE and MOTIVATED and INSPIRATIONAL.  

Because THOSE are the things that I strive to do, be 
and inspire in anyone I come into contact with!

My name is Tammy
I am a mom!
I am a girlfriend :)
I am an ultrasound tech and I have credentials!
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am an aunt
I am a friend
I am a powerlifter!!
I have an 18 year old son whom I have raised as a single mother since birth.
He recently graduated high school and is enrolled and ready to go to college.  He is a fine, outstanding, strong, good hearted young man and through the good times and the bad, I'm proud of every moment of being his mother and I'm so excited to see what a successful young man he grows to be in life!

I have worked since the day I turned 16.

I have waited tables, worked retail, worked customer service, worked at a bank, bartended, been an office assistant, been a receptionist, and currently I am a ultrasonographer.
(Man I'm old, and I've worked alot of different jobs!)
I attended college while working; some semesters full time and some part time... some day classes, some night classes and some online.
2 years ago - I left my full time job to attend Sonography school full time.
Once I graduated, I immediately went to work and I LOVE what I do!
It took some time and alot of work and sacrifice to finally get to where I am today!!

I was married once.   For barely over a year.
I am divorced.  I didn't believe in divorce.  I still don't.  And that part of my life is the part I least enjoy talking about.  What began in my mind as a very intentional act of God turned out to be a bunch of smoke and mirrors and left me with alot of questions but plenty of motivation to move on.
So moving on.......

I am now sitting in possibly the best place I have ever been in my life.
I have THE best boyfriend ever; no one has ever respected or treated me or my son any better.
I have raised my son into "adulthood" and he is enrolled and prepared for college and ready to face this world with a strong foundation and a family loving and supporting him and cheering him on.
My parents are good - both my brothers are happily married and I have a couple of great sister-in-laws!
I have the best career I could imagine and work with some pretty incredible people.
I have the best friends that I could ask for and each has a story of how they miraculously came into my life.  One of my best friends recently had a baby boy and another one has a baby girl on the way!  (this means NEW BABIES in my life without ME having to have them!  haha  Aunt Tammy again and again!)


I have a brand new hobby that pushes me and drives me along with making me better today than I was yesterday.
I am healthy.  I eat healthy.  I lift heavy.  I compete.
And I talk about it alot
Because while you are passionate about your hobbies and past times - so am I  - and this is mine!!

On that note, along with trying to provide a place to find strength and motivation to get through this life - I have also decided to share my work out training plans and diet.
While some of you out there might think I'm crazy and think that what I do is impossible, I will show you that it's NOT impossible.  And that you can do absolutely ANYTHING that you put your mind to!

I'm the girl that LOVES to eat... and eat WHATEVER I want... WHENEVER I want... but I have done things over the past year that I never dreamed to be possible!!!
I have done things in my diet (especially over the past 5 weeks!) that I thought people were CRAZY for doing.
And it WORKS!
And all it took was some discipline and DRIVE and a little motivation beginning with B-rad and added by all those out there that inspire me.... Rob Bailey, Dana Linn Bailey, Brandon Lilly, Jesse Burdick, Caitlyn Trout, Dan Green, the Lilliebridges, Jennifer Petrosino, Mark Bell... just to name a few... and of course my work out crew:  my #1 slave driving, don't take less than the best, analyzing, "depth nazi", keeping me in check on mechanics B-rad, Chris "the Body" Flenor, Travis McIntosh, Dustin "HOG" Embry.... and all the others that have come and gone throughout our training cycles.

So I just wanted to take the time to give you a little insight into where I came from, what I'm doing, where I'm going and what's driving me to get there!!!
I will continue sharing life joys, heart breaks and motivational moments with you
But I will also be sharing work-outs and diet tips and advice and recipes and whatever I can that will help anyone out there who is looking to be better tomorrow than you are today!

Glad to meet you all
And feel free to follow me and/or contact me via this blog, facebook (Tammy Green), twitter (tamig30) or Instagram (TAMIG30).

Have a GREAT week!
It's explosive squat night for me!

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