Friday, June 14, 2013

Butterflies and Hurricanes

It's MEET TIME again!!!

When I started down this road of powerlifting less than a year ago, I had no idea how much it would change me.  Oh some things never change - but when I seriously look back at me THEN and look at me NOW - it really is overwhelming how far I have come and how different I am today.
NOT just in lifting - but in my whole perspective in life.
About me.
About health.
About people that do this religiously.
About ME doing this religiously!!

(I NEVER would have believed that I could actually "FIND" the time to really work out for HOURS.... FOUR days a week!)

It is a new perspective... a new RESPECT
and definitely a new UNDERSTANDING of my body and so much more!!!

I was the girl that thought I could "be careful" about what I eat and maybe hit some cardio every now and again at the gym... and eventually - if I stick to it - I'll have that flat stomach I've always wanted!
I seriously thought that.
And then after a few weeks of what I THEN called clean eating and working out - I would get frustrated that there were no results and eat SEVENTEEN donuts!!  Because it "wasn't going to work anyway"!!

Oh how far I have come and how much I have learned.

Tomorrow will be my second FULL powerlifting meet!

And I am soooooo excited and sooooo nervous at the same time.
I remember my first meet... I was just sick... and absolutely CLUELESS about what I was about to do.  I was more nervous about people watching me than the actual lifts.  I get anxiety getting in front of people.  That STILL hasn't changed.  When I think about tomorrow I am FILLED with butterflies!  It's not even time yet and just talking about it right now has my stomach in knots!  Oh the anxiety!

BUT at the same time..... I feel like there is a hurricane raging inside me waiting to get out!!  And I KNOW once I get there and get in my ZONE - it is SUCH and indescribable adrenaline rush!  And people in powerlifting really aren't there to JUDGE you!  When you step on that platform, all the crowd watching just fades away.  It is just you and the IRON.  And once you attempt your lift, the room is FILLED with people cheering YOU on...... it really drives you to put out to your maximum limits.. and THEN some!!!

I have changed SO much since the last time I competed - I'm SO anxious to unleash this fury and see exactly where I end up.  We have run TWO cycles of  The Cube Method - AND I've been diet training with the world renowned JESSE BURDICK  LOL
I have SERIOUSLY done a NO CARB diet for the past THREE WEEKS!!!!!
The girl that LOVES to eat!

AND I went on vacation during that!!!  And came back LIGHTER than when I left for vacation.
YEP - that's right!!!
And trust me - I put away some seafood (AKA protein!) on vacation!
BUT I also worked out 4 days during vacation and continued with NO CARBS!
And it was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be!
(other than on International Donut day.... when the gym PROVIDED donuts for post workout - and my DRILL SERGEANT of a trainer told me NO.... that's it - simply NO!)

So today - I am counting down the hours...  the nerve racking - butterfly filled anxiety hurricane ridden hours....
And I'll drink my coffee.  Just coffee.
And at 6:30 tonight I will weigh in for the competition.  
LIGHTER than I've ever weighed in.

And then I will eat.
Eat like a champion

And prepare for BATTLE!!!

Stay tuned...........

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