Monday, June 17, 2013

~One Step at a Time~ Liftin Heavy and Learnin Stuff ~

This weekend was my second full power lifting meet.  The previous one was in February.
Since then we:
started training on The Cube Method,
went and actually did a mock meet with Brandon Lilly (where I blew out my alternator!),
and I've been doing some tweaking of my diet with the help of none other than Jesse Burdick!!!
So I was anxious to see how I fared on the platform!!!

Here's the run down of my day.  I seriously wondered at one point if there would be a time I walked up to the platform without something being screwed up!

1st attempt. 165.  When I went up to lift, the rack height wasn't right. And no one knew how to adjust it. So I waited. Knees wrapped. For them to fix the weight. Finally hit it. Felt pretty good but watching the video later, I saw my knees caved a little. Still white lights!
2nd attempt. 185.  I've done this weight before out of a mono, but walking it out was a little more uncomfortable. Just didn't feel right. Red lights!
3rd attempt. 185. Knees wrapped tight.  When I got up to lift,  the weight wasn't right again. So I waited. Wrapped tight in tougher wraps this time.  By the time the weight was fixed my legs were tingling a bit, but I went in for the lift.  Just not happening. Red Lights!

Leaving me at 165 in squat.  A meet PR but not what I wanted!

1st attempt. Set at 90. Made the lift but the weight felt heavier on the left. I immediately asked for a weight check and turns out I had an extra 5 on my left side. Making my opener 95.  And an uneven 95 at that. But white lights.  And they gave me the 95
2nd attempt. Set at 100. I don't know if my first lift being uneven threw me off or what but I was just off. Not tight. Didn't feel it.  Red lights!
3rd attempt.  Set at 100. Same weight. Same story. Im now too far into my head i think. Red Lights!

Leaving my bench at 95.  Again, a meet PR but not where I wanted to be going into deads!

1st attempt. 200.  Felt SOOOO good. White lights
2nd attempt. 225.  I've done this before.  It went up easy and felt good!  White lights!!
At this point I had planned to take 250.  But considering my day, I was a bit timid. When I checked my total I saw that 240 would give me an even 500. So I called it at 240. 
I also noticed the female closest to me in overall total was barely ahead of me. She missed her 2nd attempt.  So if I could HIT 240 and she happened to miss her third attempt (not that we wish people to miss lifts!), I might could pull off best overall female lifter even after so many red lights
So.... Here we go!
3rd attempt 240.  Felt freaking AWESOME!!!!  New PR for me with White lights!!!
And my closest competitor missed her final attempt ;-)

Deadlift at 240

Total at 500 for the day.
Meet PR.
Best in my weight class (only one).
AND pulled out best overall female lifter of the meet at the lightest weight!!!  (even though they ended up calling out the wrong name and giving the trophy to the other girl...... it's ok - we talked to the meet director and I still got a trophy...I would have never asked him to take a trophy away from someone who had already been recognized as the winner.   I know I barely inched over her ;-)  and HE knows that.  Good enough for me!)

I'll take that. Just wish it was without so many red lights!!

This all just means I have to train harder!!!!
I think after performing so well in my last meet and mock meet, maybe I had gotten a little lazier in training.  NO MORE. 
I like white lights much better than red!

Back to the training board!!!
Cycle three with the Cube!!

Also, for video of my lifts at the meet, feel free to check out my YouTube Channel.  Tammy Green.
Here's my final deadlift...

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Scope said...

Like I said before, loved the celebration at the end. Just a little controlled exuberance, is a good thing. Makes you not a robot.