Monday, April 1, 2013

Motivational Monday ~ I need some ~

So I had a BIG weekend!!!
LOTS of goals accomplished and I feel pretty good about it

But for some reason - It's ALL Monday around these parts.  My chipper usual sunshiny self is still sleeping at home in bed....... (with all the spring breakers!)

So I'm looking for a little motivation around here.....
In hopes of inspiring myself...
I thought I would start by sharing some good news...
LOTS actually!

First of all - I ran another 5K this weekend.  It's my second one EVER and the first one that I ran was 4 years ago!!  I didn't even train for this one.  My time 4 years ago was 36 minutes.   The one I ran this weekend was 32 minutes!!!  YAY!!!! I'm soooo proud.  And yes - I realize 32 minutes is not breaking any records.... but for me, an inexperienced runner and power lifter, I'm GREAT with a 32 minute 5K.   Plus it was a COLOR (fun) RUN.  I don't know if any of you run or care to, but it was a pretty cool experience and I will probably do it again.  Other than it being cold (I'm a weenie), and we had somewhat of a delayed start time (I'm impatient) - it was really fun - and proceeds went to a good cause!!
Thanks Teri for planning it and signing us up as a team.  And thanks Farrah for running it with me!!
Here are a couple of pics of me and one of my best friends before and after the race!!
BEFORE the race.....
And AFTER!!!

Second - even after running on Saturday, Sunday night was gym night.... heavy squats.   My hips were sore as CRAP from running the day before.  But I sucked up some pre-work out and headed out....
and I hit yet ANOTHER PR on squat!!  (Thank you CUBE!)
And I feel like I left a little in the tank so I can shoot for a BIG PR when I go to our "mock meet" with Brandon Lilly and crew!!!
I remember when I was struggling SO hard to squat plates.... now I sit at 160!!  (for NOW....)
Here's another video!!!

In other news.... if I haven't already told you all - one of my best friends is having her baby BOY OR GIRL in like 7 weeks!  *if she makes it that far*   I'm soooo excited!!!  And so happy for you Kevin and Mel!!  Can't wait to meet baby W!!

And another one of my besties is getting married...... in like 3 weeks!!!  Congrats to Farrah and Jeremy... this has been a long time coming!!  (it's about time GERMY!)

I mean - it's good news all around.

These are my "sex in the city" girls...... These are my "10/4", "Druggie David", "cougar", "spit dip out the window", "aquasocks", "I'm getting a divorce" MARTINI MADNESS girls!!!!
I don't know if you followed my blog WAY BACK...... but we've been through alot together...
It's funny how we used to be the BW's crew hanging out late nights watching basketball, catching up on local gossip, making fun of people....and boy watching...
NOW - we occasionally have a girls breakfast get together and/or shopping excursion and then we're ready for a nap!!  ha ha
Discussions now consist of savings and retirement and wedding and baby shower planning.
MY how things have changed.

I have another birthday just around the corner....

I am WAY too close to 40, but I have memories to share and blessings beyond measure for every one of those years!!

I know I get to celebrate it with the best friends, the best boyfriend, the best family and the BEST son a girl could ever ask for.

Mopey Monday is over....

Have a great week everyone.
When you're feeling down - remember to count your blessings!

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Stacey said...

I'm happy things are going great for you. :)