Sunday, April 28, 2013

The POWERlifting SUPER BOWL!!!!

I went ahead and posted another blog that I had started writing earlier in the week and never posted. What?! It was a crazy busy week!!
But I just re-read it and the sense of aggravation and bi-polarness in the blog is pretty accurate. So I went ahead and posted it - mostly for a base... of what I'm working from today.  If you missed the other one, HERE is pretty much my sentiment for this past week. 

So anyway - coming from there...


In a few short hours, we will head up to Berea to work out with one of our favorite power lifters!!  I'm so excited to spend the day/evening with my guys and with Mr. Brandon Lilly
And contrary to the crappy aggravating emotional week I had - I really am excited!!

Today truly is a test.  This training program that we have been running, "The Cube", has been brutal but fun.  It was a good mix up from what we were doing before, and let's be honest... with the new added exercises, there is just no way that we CAN'T be stronger!!!
And we are!
All of us.
And we KNOW that we are before we go in today - but it doesn't make it ANY less nerve racking!!!

so I AM looking forward to today... I'm looking forward to pushing myself and testing myself to put actual numbers to what gains I have made.  But at the same time, I'm also a little bit nervous!!!  :)
Let me put it to you like this...

Say you play an instrument... and you've practiced and practiced for an upcoming recital... or dance... say you dance... and today is the big day.  Your audition for Julliard!!!  You know you've practiced plenty and you know in your heart that you are better today than you were when you started.
Or you play sports?  And you've gone to practice and you've worked out and you feel good about what you have done... and today is the big day.  Your try out for the major league!!!

Well that is what we are doing today essentially... We are auditioning in front of Brandon Lilly!!!  Not FOR anything other than his critiques and betterment of our own lifting.   Nothing is on the line.  We must check the ego at the door before we enter... and truly put our full selves on the line.  We will lift to display our own progress while Brandon watches and judges that it is either a good or bad lift - and gives us feedback as to what we can do to be better.  And stronger!!

And while I'm sooooo excited to spend the day with him... and so thankful for the opportunity for someone of his magnitude to watch my lifts and give me helpful advice..... while I'm thankful and excited and can't wait - I have never been so nervous in my life!!!!!!!
ha ha
(well I'm sure I have, but today, where I sit - I can't remember feeling more nervous!!!)

the week I've had is put in a box. 
And over

Today is about one thing and one thing ONLY!

 My lifts.


Here we come Brandon - READY OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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