Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reflections on my REFLECTIONS

OK - I know I just blogged about this - but please PLEASE let me tell you one more time.... if you are having pain and can't seem to figure out why or figure out how to fix it... give a Chiropractor a chance man!!!  (Magna Chiropractic)
My second visit was just as successful as the first.
And my lifts keep going up!!  I know I've been training The Cube and that's what is SUPPOSED to happen, but after I injured my back, I was afraid I was just going to backslide!
THEY at Magna, got me back on my game!!!
I feel better than ever!

So MY motivation for (late) Monday (now Tuesday) is looking back at some of my goals set for the year and seeing where I stand.

Here is where I posted my goals (not resolutions) for this year.....
REFLECTIONS (this is my previous new years blog)

I just want to point out where I'm at with my weights... and it's JUST March.
These are my goals by YEAR END!!!

My deadlift goal for the year is 250 - I did 225 at my last meet.
(I have faith this is going up at our mock meet with Brandon Lilly - April 21 - even after my injury!)

My squat goal for the year is 180 - I did 155 at the gym Sunday night
(video attached!)

My bench goal for the year is 150 - I'm STILL flirting with 100 right now... grrrrrr!!!
(I'm hoping if I can just BREAK through 100 that it will keep going up from there.... It's MESSING with my HEAD!!)

So anyway - here's my video of my PR squat last night.......  (pay NO attention to that little bobble there at the beginning - I was just checking to see if B-rad was paying attention!  LOL)

feel free to check out my entire youtube channel... ya know - for FUN!  :)

I'm SOOOOOOO proud of that lift!!!

I attribute this lift and all my success to my faithful LOVING boyfriend who is with my every step of the way!!

And my kick butt gym crew.... yelling and pushing and screaming and ENCOURAGING me!!

And most recently....
my friend Kelli for hooking me up with Dr. Hawley

And Dr. Hawley - the best Chiropractor ever

And NIKKI - the best therapist I've ever had!  Ok - yeah - the ONLY one but I just can't imagine that there could be anyone better out there!

AND of course a big HUGE Thank You and shout out to Brandon Lilly for THE CUBE method training, and for his support to all of us running this program - AND as I said before - I thank him first and FOREMOST for sending me straight to the Chiropractor!
Keeping me on track!!!

Have a GREAT week!  :)

Find something you LOVE and CHASE it.....
(and don't EVER let anyone tell you that you CAN'T!)

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