Wednesday, January 2, 2013


As is most everyone today.... I've thought back over the past year and made a mental list of all my blessings.  There are so many.
I've taken note of the rough times too, but as is always the case - it's about perspective.... and the good ALWAYS outweighs the bad  :))

The main thing I try to look at is am I better today than I was one year ago. Not just financially... but spiritually... mentally... Physically?!

I look back at the beginning of 2012. And I see how far I've come, because i can now impartially see baggage that needed to be dropped off. I've known divorced people before, but until experiencing it myself, I was unaware of the bitterness and anger that you carry over in your heart. Well.... I guess I was more unaware of the MAGNITUDE of the bitterness and anger that's carried over. Beginning 2012, I knew all about it. And quite frankly, for a while, I do think it controlled me to an extent. Which was unfair.... Unfair of ME! To allow the malice of another to have that much control over me
So I laid it at the feet of the only One who can truly give me peace.
I let go, forgave myself, forgave him and allowed myself to be free from anger. The rest of the year only got easier by the day

So throughout 2012, I allowed myself to love and be loved again. I began to believe in the good again. I watched my baby boy start his final year in high school. (Sniff sniff). Witnessed my son's SENIOR prom!  Went skydiving for the SECOND TIME!!!  I passed another Board exam. (Yay!). I started working out (for real). I did my first (and i thought last) weight lifting competition. I began being more aware of the food I put into my body. Did I mention I fell in love again?!! :)).
Oh and we added another member to our family!!! Sweet baby (GIANT) Lido!!!

One of my best friends is preggo! (Yay!) and another built and moved in a new house with her BF!! ( who would have guessed years ago that we would be where we are!!!)
I have THE best family and friends I could ask for!
I. Have. Been. Blessed.
All the wrong roads just led me to the right road

So for 2013, I'm expecting a lot!! :))

Here are just a few of the things I'm looking forward to doing in 2013
Not "resolutions" mind you.... THINGS IM GONNA DO!! :))

Get zack enrolled and off to a good start in college!!
(Hopefully take him skydiving after graduation... if we make it there... if I don't kill him first!! Teenagers... Ha!)

Stay on 4 days a week lifting plan. (Possibly throw in a cardio day)
Bench goal 150 (at 100 now).
Dead lift goal 250 (at 205 now).
Squat goal 180 (at 135 now).
Another power lifting competition with higher numbers than the first.
MEET DANA LINN BAILEY - hopefully in March at Arnold Classic!!! (And manage to speak! Ha)
Power lifting seminar in February (a little nervous about this one!!)

Work harder on my diet.... More protein, less FAT!!!! Lower body fat percent!!

Get some landscaping and outside clean up spring projects done at my house!!
(They have been put off for FAR tooooo long!!)

Pass (not just "take") another Board exam.... Vascular.... It's gotta be done!!!!

I think that's enough to get me rollin' into 2013 on the right foot

I'm taking 2013 by storm!

In love
And a bada$$!!!!

Happy New Year to you all!!!

Stay positive and only focus on the good you look for in 2013
Set goals and work to them... One step at a time!!

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Lee said...

This was AWESOME! It's so good to see you. Happy and just period. I have also been mired down in divorce and here's to a fabulous 2013!!