Thursday, January 31, 2013

The final countdown... to striking a pose!!

OOOOhhhhhh myyyyyyy - I'm debating....
.....on whether to share or NOT to share this picture with you fun loving faithful sweet NON-JUDGEMENTAL bloggy followers!  :)
My next power lifting meet is this weekend.  (don't worry - it's not locally so I don't have to worry about anyone busting up in on me to ooogle over my uniform!)  ha ha

SO just because ..... well I don't do anything "half way" - this one is an official "sanctioned" meet.  Most of the people (GIRLS) that compete this Saturday will be geared...  This means they will likely wear "bench shirts" and "squat suits" blah blah blah.....

I'm still a newbie to this whole world and I have yet to walk down that road.  (though I did bust out some squats in knee wraps this week... ya know - for fun and stuff!)
So I will be what's called a RAW lifter.
Meaning I won't be sportin any GEAR.

BUT - in these sanctioned meets, you are REQUIRED to wear a singlet.
A singlet is defined as:  
a one-piece, tight-fitting, colored uniform, usually made of spandex/lycra, or nylon, used in amateur wrestling. The uniform is tight fitting so as not to get grasped accidentally by one's opponent

SPANDEX???    a woman's BEST friend!!!  
 because trust me..... it is EVERYTHING that you imagine it to be!

It's freaking AWESOME!!!  LOL 

But - I want to share some videos from this weekend on my YOUTUBE channel after I crush faces... so I feel like I should prepare you for the PHENOMENON that you are about to witness..  ( I mean - ya know - if you care anything AT ALL about watching me crush faces with weights!!)

So I'm thinking a picture today is in order....
to prepare you for the plethora of face crushing videos that will follow this weekend.

Yeah - OK - so I modeled my singlet.
I struck "a pose"
And I crack up EVERY time I look at this picture!

It's me
in all my glory (using that term LOOSELY!)


for your viewing pleasure...  please ENJOY!  :)
(without judgement or LAUGHING!!   shut it.... no laughing!!!  The boys have to wear them too!)

Don't make me attach a picture of B-rad in HIS glory!!! 

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