Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ooops... I did it again

 Well.... Here. We. Go.
It's official.
I'm signed up. Dues are paid.
It's for real.

My arm has been twisted (well.... not too hard) and I'm doing another powerlifting meet.
Less than a month from now
This is a real legit meet. With lots and lots of strong people (girls and boys!)
I may not come away with trophies this time, but its guaranteed that I will be focused more on being better then, than I am now!!!
And that's all that matters
It's not about being the best, it's about being better tomorrow than I am today.

When I started on this journey I had NO idea where the path would lead
I just wanted to get in better shape. And I wanted abs!!!
Brad says now that he wishes he had a video of me saying
" I don't wanna LIFT like you. I'm not trying to be a power lifter".
Yeh. I said that. And I meant every word of it..... I didn't!!

And those first few weeks that I lifted with him, I tried to stay secluded ... on my own. Away from everyone. I didn't wanna be included. I just wanted to do MY thing.
(I think I was trying to avoid "catching" what they had... I didn't know THEN - but I know NOW - it's a BUG.... the IRON BUG!!!!)
The first night we tried to squat, I couldn't even hold onto a bar to squat. I could barely squat my own weight!!! Deadlifts were a joke. I had no idea what I was doing. And my bench.... Well, it was just kinda sad :-((   That's the only way I can describe it.
Do you all even KNOW what a dead lift is?  Cause I didn't?  or what a REAL competition squat looks like with real weight??  Cause also... I did NOT.
(if you're interested... you can go to YouTube and search for Tammy Green.  I have a channel.  Where Brad has so kindly uploaded some of my videos.  A bench in competition.   My dead lift Personal Record last saturday.  AND my squatting plates video - THAT excites me!!!   Anyway - if you want to know what the crap I'm talking about... feel free to run over and find my channel on YouTube and watch some videos!  Try this link - I don't know if it will work or not? Tammy Green You Tube Channel )

Lets look at it like this....
Once I started lifting (HIS way.... NOT what I wanted to do... and I'm very hard headed.... I'm VERY hard to reason with....) my numbers were something like this....
Bench max... 70. 1 rep
Squat max... 35? That's just a small bar with no weights on it!!!
Deadlift... I don't even know? 135?
Totaling roughly 240??  ish??!!
((for the record - there are men that total like 2,000 for their numbers!!!  CRAZY!!!)

6 months later...
Here's how I look...

Bench max... 90. ( I can do 70 for about 13 reps now!)
Squat max... 135! (That's a big accomplishment for me seeing as I couldn't even squat ME the first night!)
Deadlift max... 220!!!
Rough total.... 440 POUNDS!!!!
I have added 200 pounds to my total in 6 months!!!!

Now granted, I'm just starting.... and only recently have I gotten bitten by the iron bug (thanks to Brad and his boys at the gym)
So my gains will probably slow down some over the next 6 months
but my DRIVE will NOT!!!

I'm very competitive....
and sweet little innocent "just trying to help you" boyfriend Brad KNOWS that about me....
and he had a PLAN all along.....
All he really had to do was get me to that first meet and show me on paper how far I've come and show me GIRLS that CAN lift big weight.
And it was over.
I was sold.
The competitive nature in me came out ROARING!!!!!!!!!!

"I'm an animal.... you're an animal.... rawwr rawwwr rawwwr rawwwwr rawwwwwr!!!"   DLB

So - on February 2nd, me and the BOYS will travel off to Manchester TN where I will compete with MYSELF more than anything to do better than I did at the last meet.
My goal for overall pounds is 450.   Which means I HAVE to hit ALL my maxes PLUS add 10 more pounds somewhere!!!
Trophy or no trophy..... I will come out on the other side just as competitive and a little bit better. 
Physically, mentally and emotionally!

I  can't   wait!!!
(shhhhhhh - don't let on that I'm so excited!)

I give.
I'm waving the white flag
Call me a power lifter. 
I {{HEART}} it!!!!!!!

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