Monday, January 7, 2013

Strength... Motivational Monday

I believe that everything happens for a reason
Call it fate
Call it Gods plan
Call it what you will
But I DO believe that everything happens for a reason AND that every person you encounter is for a reason!!!

Experience doesn't just happen overnight. Neither does knowledge. Or strength (physical or emotional). It takes time. And willpower. And mistakes. And falling on your face.
And some dang hard lessons learned!!

I do feel strong
I have experienced a lot
I have made mistakes and I have fallen flat on my face
And just when you think you've survived as bad as it can get .. Thats when you get knocked down and get to learn yet another lesson and you come out that much stronger!!

People wanna quit... be sad.... give up.  Pretend that the world owes them something.
No one wants to fight anymore.
And I can't understand why!!

There are mistakes to be made. No one is perfect. No one walks a path of perfection.. It's those side roads and dips and curves that build and prove your character.
Sometimes we need someone's hand, but ultimately - it's on YOU.  YOU must dig down deep and believe in yourself and get up. Grab a hand if you need, but its still on you.

You must believe that even if you made a mistake, even if you failed, even if you fell flat on your face... You learned... You grew... And you were quite possibly there for someone else. Perhaps you walked a road not just for you... but for someone else.
Maybe... just maybe... your heartache was a lesson for someone else?

Get up and show the world just how strong you are
Show the world and someone who might need to see it that you and your God can handle anything. Show others that character you've been building inside!!
Be proud of those mistakes and falls and wrong turns

Because I promise you.... One day you'll stop for a minute and look up and you will not believe where God had planned all along for you to be!!!
You will look up and thank God for those experiences you walked through
You will be thankful.
Thankful for your walk, thankful for your falls, thankful for the people you met along the way. Thankful for the ones still there and thankful for the ones that were only there for a spell.

One day you will walk into a gym with a friend "just to get healthier"
....and then only months later you will realize that man has loved you all along. That man will tell you that when you left, he only prayed to hold you one more time... (Sniff sniff)
And one day you will walk into a gym and deadlift 220 pounds and love every single minute of it and push for more!!! Never knowing you even wanted that to begin with?!
One day your son will get his college acceptance letter in the mail and you will know that having that baby at 18 and working and sacrificing and giving and loving and crying and fighting so hard and never giving up.... and trusting in God... for almost 18 years has made you the proudest and strongest single mom this world has ever seen!!

Ok.... Your plan may not involve a gym and dead lifting and being a single mom... But I can promise you this... I can promise you that one day you will look up and find it hard to believe that your character and your place has been planned all along.
You will thank God for where he brought you and the strength and character that you've been building all the way through!!

You will know that you were strong all along and now you are even stronger!!

Don't. Give. Up.


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