Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Friday confessions for ya!

What better way to celebrate a Friday than with some dirty little secrets!!

YAY - I found a new game to play!!!  AND it's Friday!!!
I spotted this over at BAT CRAP CRAZY!!!
Man I love her!!!
She sent me right over to High-Heeled Love and I'm going to participate today.


 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg

So without further adieu
Here are my Friday Confessionals!!!
((Don't judge ME!))

I confess...

I don't just love my job for what I do... but mostly because I love crazy people!!!  And trust me when I say... working with the public gives you AMPLE opportunity to see the magnitude of crazy people!!  I have some GREAT stories!

I confess...

I'm jealous of the people who went to school to be teachers...... but ONLY on snow days!!!  No way I would have the patience to teach, but I sure would like to get snow days!!

I confess....

I am still in shock that I now love to lift weights and crave seeing new muscle development in my body.  I dare to tell people that Dana Linn Bailey is my "fit" role model and surprisingly what I aim to look like!  Yes she is built and all muscle and some people think it's gross.... but I think it is a true testament to what HARD work and dedication looks like!

I confess....

I find it very easy to dismiss someone for hurting me and go on with my life as though that person never existed. Some say that makes me cold and heartless...  It doesn't mean I don't forgive them.... it just means I have no room for extra baggage in my life.  I have very little tolerance for whiners, hypocrites and liars!

I confess....

People often think I'm snobby, cold, and/or unsociable.  I'm quite the opposite.  I'm sensitive and an open book once I start chatting.  It's just that usually I'm more worried about speaking to someone who doesn't remember me and embarrassing them...  cause I hate when that happens to me.  And I can be a bit overwhelming to private people... I'm never sure how people will take me.

 I confess....

I am very independent and quite hard headed.   But every now and then.... I do like to be treated like a little princess!   It's hard to know where that line lies!
(poor B-rad!  He does pretty good with figuring it out!)

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday and a fantastic weeekend!!!
I sure wish I was home today enjoying a SNOW DAY!!!!


Aubrey S. said...

Tami! I think it's awesome that you're enjoying the weight training so much and have a great role model to aim for.

I am secretly envious of the the vacation and break days that school teachers get as well, but where I live, a snow day is pretty much for everyone. If they even say snow in the forecast, then it gets crazy at the grocery store.

Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. I'm glad you decided to play along, but would you please add the Friday Confessional button to the top or bottom of your post? Thanks! Have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

OH I am a self proclaimed Princess! Nice to meet you, sister in royalty!

Stacey said...

I get accused of being a snob because I'm a quiet person. I am the total opposite. I am hard headed, too, but it's because I am the Princess. lol

Ducky said...

Yay!!! So glad you played along. It really is a fun Friday post. I love it!

I think forgiveness gets a really bad rap. I know it is difficult (if it were easy, everyone would do it) however just because you forgive someone doesn't mean you are validating or approving whatever the issue is. WHY hold a grudge that only hurts YOU? Took me awhile to learn that but it makes life SO MUCH better. Like you, I've learned to set boundaries and hold people to them. Life is complicated and hurtful enough without ALLOWING people to disrespect you and drag you down. POWER TO YOU GIRL!