Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breaking ground over here!!

Making my own rules and crossing lines.... it's my 'thang' right....

I have no fear........  I'm FEARLESS!!!!!
(plus I'm highly motivated and determined!)

This week - -   I'm crossing a line
it's something I never thought I would do...
but I did it.
I'm doing it.  Every day  :)

Wanna know what it is?????

I put my chicken on a scale and WEIGHED it.
That's right.
I weighed out my food!!!


I'm no crazy body building Arnold Schwarzenegger - looking to win some competition.... but I have been working out and building muscle and DANG IT - I'm determined to be able to see these abs I'm working so hard at toning...
to do that.... I gotta drop some BODY FAT!!!

"Abs are built in the kitchen, not the gym"

So I'm counting calories and carbs and sugar and....weighing the food
and dropping some body fat
and I'm gonna find those abs down in there.... hopefully sooner than later.

Another thing I said I'd never do.

Never say never!!!

I got this!!!!!!!

If you're gonna work out - you darn well better look like you do!

You don't get it by staring
You don't get it by wishing
You don't get it by drooling
You don't get it by hoping
You don't get it EASY
You get it by
getting off your butt
working for it
every second
of every day
for the rest of your life!!

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