Tuesday, May 3, 2011

**UPdate** ~35 things to do before I'm 35~

Well - I posted this a year ago......
my 35th birthday has come and gone.....
and as I look over this list - wow - I'm kinda depressed.
Although I did start school this year, which was a big one - I really didn't do much of anything else.
regardless.... I'm sharing

Here we go!
(in no particular order...)

1.  Get another tattoo.  One that is relevant...NOT done - if you will recall, when Preacher T and I first got together, this was something we talked alot about.  still not done. 
2.  Skydive AGAIN - this time - WITH video (first skydive was 5/2009)  NOT done - with full time school and tuition, no real time or MONEY for this one.
3.  Be completely (with the exception of home and car) debt-free!  ~NO more credit card charges!~  NOT done.  Again, leaving my full time job and not working didn't enable this dream although I did pay off ONE small one... baby steps
4.  I have my motorcycle license - but I want to be comfortable enough to get on and ride anywhere.  (need to log some miles!!)  absolutely ZERO miles logged.  BOO
5.  Re-paint and re-decorate my living room.... RED!  check!  DONE  with the help of some very sweet friends, my living room is now RED.  (no pictures hung yet though)
6.  Have my kitchen and laundry room tiled.  NOT done.  (back to the money thing)
7.  Give my testimony at least once (I have a MAJOR fear of public speaking)  hmmmm - I gave it in women's bible study class... that kinda counts right?
8.  Start a website (anonymous) for good Christian advice or just someone to talk to...  ~still brainstorming this one....~ I paid for a domain name, but being that I can't even find time to blog, I haven't done any more than that.
9.  Meet someone from blog land that I follow and admire!  NOPE
10.  I would like to find my waist and abs... this is an ongoing battle  I found them alright.... buried under layer upon layer of the consequences of sitting on my butt studying
11.  I want toned arms  - like I want people to say "wow, you have GREAT arms!"  you would think with all the books I carry that this one would be accomplished.... but NO
12.  Go on at least one "girls only" trip - even if it's just for the weekend.  ummm NO.  No time for trips.
13.  Make at least ONE trip to the beach  DONE.  yes.  Made it to Daytona Beach... yay
14.  Get started on my secret scrap book project  WHO was I kidding?
15.  Go to a Beth Moore conference  the one I wanted to go to was the same time as I was starting school.  So - another negative.
16.  Have a will  NOPE
17.  Know (be told) that something I have done or said inspired someone else....  I have been told this!  YAY
18.  Actually have money in a savings account  ummmmmm - NEGATIVE
19.  NOT be living paycheck to paycheck  ummmm.... what paycheck?
20.  Get accepted into Sonography school  YES!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!  HARDEST THING I'VE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE.... BUT I'M THERE!!!!!!
21.  Run another 5K (hopefully running the entire time!) Negative.  I have not run again since the last 5K I ran
22.  Run a 5K with Preacher T & Z-man!  (wonder if that's on T's list!  HA)  also NEGATIVE.  big FAT negative.
23.  Commit to memory scripture that has impacted my life  not really....
24.  Read the bible all the way through....can't tell you how many times I have "started" this one  No
25.  Volunteer for a local charity or event  Have done really bad at this this year... I'm usually good.  Do have an upcoming event... but I still count this as a fail
26.  Go through my closet and REALLY take out things I don't wear.  Donate to charity.  YES - I have actually done this several times.  Change of career means change or wardrobe
27.  Work on going to bed earlier  (this could be the hardest one!) and getting up with time to get ready and not RUSH through the morning.  I'm counting this as a win.  I HAVE to go to bed earlier to get up at 3:30 AM
28.  Be comfortable praying out loud... (ok - THIS may be the hardest one)  negative.
29.  Stop impulse buying, only have what I need and not what I want. Easy to do when you have no money.
30.  Learn to play at least one song on a musical instrument that interests me.  Got a new piano at church, but it needs some cleaning..... and I need some refreshing!
31.  Get up one day and take off to an unknown destination just to see where the road takes me without a map.  Nope.  Not done.  Although if I can't find a local job in ultrasound, this might just happen!  ha ha
32.  Take a dance class  I think Zumba counts.... but only going a couple of times hardly qualifies as "taking" a class!
33.  Tell at least one person what  a difference they have made in MY life!  This I have done.  and done alot.  ESPECIALLY this past year!!
34.  BE physically fit.  period.  not "working on it" or whatever, but actually BE healthy.  Hard to be ANY kind of fit sitting on my butt studying all the time, and not working!!!  though the pocketbook makes it alot easier to not OVEReat!!!!!  ha ha
35.  Plant and grow something that I can eat or use to cook.... tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs...  (better get on this one!)  YAY!!!!!!!  Put out some tomatoes a few weeks ago!!!  Even through all the storms they are still standing..... here's hoping they actually produce and don't DIE!

Looks like I better start a NEW list!!!!!  and maybe give myself a little more time!!!!!  
40 thinks before I'm 40 ya think?!  
GOOD LORD I never thought I would be contemplating 40!!!!!!!!!  wheeeeeew!

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